Wednesday, January 14, 2009

what a woman will do for love... lost...

I was listening to a friend talk to another friend the other day...

She was talking about how when she was little, her mom took her to a bar to find the man the mom was in love with. Or how he mom sent her into a bar a couple times looking for this man.

It is amazing what a women will do with her kids in tow to find a man if she thinks he's cheating, because of jealousy and insecurity.

I am just as guilty as the next person for it too!!

Back in Oct. my ex and I tried to get back together... 2days later all of a sudden he didnt want to be with me... just wanted to stay how we were... I was devestated... this man had my heart... so my first assumtion was that he was seeing someone else... One evening he said he was gonna go play basketball... so i text him and asked if he wanted to stop by and hang out... no answer... an hour goes by and I knwo he should be done playing... so I text again... no answer... so i call.. and call and call.. now i am getting pissed and worried.... 330 in the morning... he still hadnt answered... so I knew something was up... so I got my kids up out of bed (on a school night) and into the car... and we drove past his house... HE WASNT HOME!! hhmm... so I drove past his ex's. He wasnt there either. Finally 7am he text me. He went out with friends.. (right!) and didnt get home till 4. But I did something stupid. I shouldnt have given into my fears, my insecurities and taken my kids out of the house at 330 in the morning to go looking for a man that obviously was not worth my time nor effort.

I remember when I was little, about 7 or so, my parents were in the middle of their divorse, my dad had his own place... and I guess my mom had talked him earlier... andhe said he was gonna shower and then go do laundry... My mom knew him well enough that he didnt shower at night just to do laundry... Later on she called again. No answer... so she bundled me and my bro up (on a school night) and took us over to his apartment... My dad's car was gone. So we sat there and waited... and waited... and waited... and then she seen him... walking in the apt. with a woman.

Hell broke loose for a moment in time.

Why do we give in to our fears and worries? why do we become phsycotic bitches when a man is messing with our hearts? Why do we give them that power that they obviously aint worthy of?

What is the crazy thing you have done to check on a man you are in love with? What were the results?

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  1. I have done some crazy things too! All over Brett!! I've followed him home from work just to see where he was going. I have drove to his house that he was living with another girl and just layed on the horn for like 5 minutes, but the craziest is probably the last time we were together. I knew that he was up to no good and he told me he was going to a wrestling match at Elyria High, so I pack the kids up, go to Elyria High...of course he is not there. Then I remember seeing receipts from ATM's on the East side...we live on the West side. So, I start going to all these apartment complexes looking for him. Finally I decide this is the last one I am looking and low and behold there is his car! So, I call him and ask how the wrestling match is going and of course he says good! I tell him why don't he come outside and see me! All the while the kids are in the car hearing all of this! It was awful! LOL! But that was the last time that Brett was in my life for good!!!


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