Monday, January 12, 2009

Textically Challanged.

My bff and I have this conversations at least once a day about how inconsiderate people are when they text... I mean I know everyone has issues here and there with texting faux pas and I will include myself in this... but there are people that are chronically textically challenged and break every decency rule there is to texting.

The biggest pet peeve that I know of... Is when you are having a conversation with someone... you send them a text... (after like 5 or 6 messages back and forth) and they do no reply...
~ if you have to leave the conversation... say so.. a simple.. gotta go.. or even brb (be right back) would be nice... would you just hang up on someone with out saying good bye? same thing!

* exceptions to this... you are are work, driving (prob. shouldn't be texting anyway), loose service or phone dies

2- When you send someone a question... and they reply with something totally unrelated to the questions... completely avoiding it.
~ if you do not want to answer... don't... if you need time to think... take a min or too or at least send brb to the person so they know you got it... and will reply... don't just ignore them.

3-The infamous forwarded text messages... lol. where you open it and have to scroll down 3 lines just to get to the message... and to find out you and your mom is gonna die if you don't send to 300 people in 3 seconds. lol.
~ Ok.. i understand sometimes there are great forwarded messages... but if that is all you send out.. there is a problem there... learn to have a conversation too... it might do ya some good.
~ if the recipient might "die" because of this text message cuz they dont send it to 300 or so people in 3 sec... why send it?? do you want the death of a friend or bad luck of them for a year to be on your hands??
~ and IF you do send a forwarded text message delete the fwd. fwd. fwd. fwd. crap thats at the beginning! I get charged per text message and if the first message of a incredibly long message is just fwd... i m gonna be pissed. lol.

4- You send a long detailed text message to someone... and they reply back with one word.
~ if i take the time to type something out.. have enough courtesy to at least reply back with more than just a one word answer... if you were talking or emailing... would you just say/reply with one word? why should texting be any different?

5- If you are working with the public... don't text while or instead of helping a customer.
~ seriously? this is just plain rude. DO YOUR JOB!

6- If you are having a verbal conversation with a friend... don't have 5 different conversations going via text message with other people... (i am guilty of this one tho)
~ this is a hard one.. cuz if a text comes in.. you can't ignore it... (that would break one of these rules! lol) so just reply back... im with a friend.. text ya in a bit...

7- Don't have a textorsation (text conversation) while watch a movie in a theater...
~ turn the phone off for a lil bit... or at least on silent... you will survive with out the phone in your hand... you will not miss out on the world... and the messages will be there when you get done...

8- Don't keep resending the same fwd text message to the same person over and over again...
~ if they don't reply... obviously they don't give a crap about fwd messages. some people just delete when they see fwd.

9- Back with #1... when someone send you a text message... you reply... then you hear nothing from them for like an hour... or two... or three... or 24!
~ if you just sent me a message and i reply and start a conversation... don't just stop. say ok thanks, ttyl, busy atm, something! I know you are right by your phone- u just text me!!

10- Texting while talkin on the phone... like the person that your talking to... wont hear you click click clicking away! (i am so guilty of this)
~ you don't have to be "talking to more than one person at a time" we know you are popular... you don't have to prove it. it's kinda rude. if you want to "talk" to more than one person... text everyone.. don't call.. lol.

11- Texting while driving... (i am so totally guilty of this)
~this is more of a safety thing... especially if you have a qwerty keyboard.. hard to do with one finger... but i will say if you have an "old style" phone where you still have numbers and not a keyboard... you might be so good at texting that you know where the numbers/letters are... how many time you need to hit the 5 to get a L and 90% of the time... you don't even need to look at the phone to send a text message... of course you kinda have to look at it to read the reply- if you get one back! lol.

12- Sending the wrong person a text message. to me this one is just hilarious!
~ double check before you hit send on who you are sending a text too... you ex's mom doesn't need to know that the dude you banged last nite was more endowed than your ex. lol.

What are you opinions? What do you have the people or even your self do while texting?
Do you know anyone that is textically challenged?


  1. lol i know so many people guilty of all of that!! Personally, I dont abriviate when I am texting, how I am writing this is seriously how I text! lol I try not to text and drive since I always have the girls with me.... but I am guilty of just leaving the convo! lol

  2. LMAO...
    I always continue a conversation...but i always get screwed and im the one waiting becuase nobody can out talk/text me.
    Or maybe im over peoples heads!!!
    I dont know...
    So now...i do it back...when people start a conversation with me...hahaha


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