Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Today was alright... P was on yellow again today... 2nd day in a row... so he was supposed to be in his room the whole nite... bbuuuuuttt.. he was at my moms tonite since i had a purse party meeting that I had to go to... so I told him and her that he was on punishment and couldnt do anything realliy over there... well it all went down from there.. lol.
At dinner he was just obnoxious and disrespectful... finally it got to the point where I had to pick him up and spank him... bare bottom... twice... the 2nd time.. he got the hint that I wasnt playing anymore... and he sat on the chair.. I told him that when he was ready to come and sit down at the table and act right he could.. He sat there for about 10-15 min.. and when he came back.. he was good and was good the rest of the night.
Sissy was a pistol again tonite... i think she feed off how her bro acts and then acts the same...
I feel sorry for my mom... but after I went to my meeting I guess things settled down good...

they both went to bed pretty good for me last nite. thank goodness.

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