Wednesday, January 7, 2009

1/2-1/4/09- THE WEEKEND

The weekend was good... P spent all Friday with his dad. His step mom picked him up first thing in the morning before I went to work... and then they went over to P's uncles house for the evening. His dad brought him home around 9or so...
S and I went out to dinner with my parents... boy was she a pistol today... threw everythng down off the table... just a ball full of energy.
But she did go to bed really good for me!
P had his doc appt on Sat. It went really good. The doc finally sat down alone with him and talked... so I am hoping that it did a lil bit of good. We go back on the 17th for another appt.
After the appt. I went and picked up A- S's sister, and we went to Grandma B's for lunch and to get our presents for N- my step-sister from Maryland. We all hung out together for most of the afternoon. It was a lot of fun... yet I was completely exhausted... We came home... and I just wanted to lay down and take a short nap... which was almost impossible. So after a short bit, I got up and went and started making dinner. We had chicken and pasta with this parmesean cheese sauce... mmmm... so good.
After dinner I tried to clean up a lil bit since my friend LW was coming over with a few other friends... but that is almost impossible with 3 kids running around!
Finally it was time to put S to bed... and yea this was an all night ordeal... up and down till at least midnite if not later... A got homesick and called her mom and she came and got her. P was being a brat and ended up just going to sleep.
Sunday we got up and went to church. S went into the nursery. I tried to get P to go to the kids church but he didnt want to, so he stayed right with me... After service P and I went to go get S and she looked so sad... she was tearing up trying not to cry... but was so happy to see me. I think she seen all the other mothers coming and picking up their kids...but didnt seem me... and started to worry... aaww.. poor girl.. After church we went home and got some lunch... I was already over exhausted and not feeling all that great... and I swear the kids knew it... so they both were acting up and crazy.. finally it was time for a meeting with JH for Primerica... so we headed over there... and the kids played together with her kids and it was one point S came down stairs and said I poop mommy... I told her to wait a min.. and I went out to the car and got her a clean the time I got back in.. She had gone upstairs to the bathroom... took her diaper off... put the poop in the toilet... wiped herself and pulled her pants back up!!! i was amazed... I guess its time to start potty training! We came home after the meeting... and we all sat on the couch and watched a movie... S fell asleep and I did for a minute. P was up the whole time. :-( After the movie we went over to my moms for dinner. I didnt have the energy to cook anything. I was supposed to have another Primerica meeting that evening.. but I didnt have the energy to go and do anything... after my moms we all came home and got ready for bed. I made P sleep in his own bed. and S actually went to sleep good in her... no fighting!! yea!!
Bed for me too!!!

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