Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why People Cheat... By Shaz!

One of my greatest friends Shaz wrote this... so I had to share it. its good!!!

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People always wonder... "Why did this person cheat on me?"
The answer is simple......
Something or another is missing from your relationship.
So it might be the best way to deal with it....
But why not try and figure out WHY it happened...instead of passing judgement or making assumptions.
Because chances are..... YOU could be the problem!
When a person feels like they are hurt or they arent good enough...they might step out of character for a minute. (Which isnt always right....but it happens).
And it takes a very strong-minded or understanding individual to accept this.
It seems like people are too quick to immediately pass judgement on others....but when you put THEM on the stand....they cant handle the pressure.
Try giving yourself a self-analysis for once.
these are a few reasons why people cheat...or get cheated on....
1. YOU DONT LISTEN- Meaning that a person feels that nothing they ever say matters to you. And then they need you there to be that 1 person to listen....your mind is always in outter space.
Pay attention even when they are talking about shit that maes no will mean the world to them.

2.They dont feel ATTRACTIVE to you anymore- Meaning that all they wanna hear is that they look "beautiful" every now and then...or be reminded how sexy or intelligent they are.... it aint rocket science!
It dont sound like much. But it means a lot.

3.PHYSICAL,MENTAL,AND/OR VERBAL ABUSE- Thats self-explanatory.... who wants to deal with that?

4.Your M.I.A.!- Meaning your never around...whether you got 6 months in the joint...or you feel you have better things to do... Physical presence IS an important part o a relationship...even if its an hour here and there.

5.Sexual Incompatiblity- Meaning that you just cant find common ground in the sack. Or one of you 2 hate sex and the other is sexual. Or you have a "problem" that CAN be fixed by the wonderful world of medicine...but you wont try because of your fear of embarrassment. is an important part of a no excuses!

6.Variety IS the Spice of life- Meaning no matter WhAT the case.... you have an unsatifiable craving for sex with a variety of people...and no ONE person can satisfy or quench this thirst... you have WHORE in your DNA.

7.Finacial Reasons- Meaning that one or the other isnt contributing financially to the relationship. and one person is fed up with carrying the load on their own. Which produces STRESS... which induces cheating....when left untreated. Nothing worse than a lazy individual.

8.DRUGS- With the exception of pot.... Nobody wants to deal with a junkie! Unless its a case of common interest...that person will eventually get tired of your crackhead ass ...and cheat....or just leave you alone.
Although some people claim that liqour occasionally has "dominion" over them... and they "unwilling" end up in the sack with a monster. Stop like to fuck ugly people! :)

9.Insecure- Meaning they are always accusing you of cheating or fuckin around. Even when your innocent. It comes to a point to where if your being made guilty of it constantly... you might as well BE guilty of it. besides that....its usually the guilty party thats doing the ACCUSING.

10.That EX that just WONT go away!- Its usualy somebody they were in love with in the past that they are secretly STILL in love with. And your really the "rebound guy/girl" or "space-filler" until that person gets their shit together...then they can leave You for that person.

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