Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mother's Day 2008- from my other blog

Even though it is now a few days after mother's day... I wanted to write about how wonderful my mother's day was... I honestly think this was one of the best mother's days that I have had in a long time, and I think that is partly because of how I am finally happy with my life... finally happy period! The Lord has blessed me with so so much! And I thank Him every day for all that he has given me... especially my children... This year it seemed everyone wanted to make sure that it was a good mother's day for me... including the ex's! My step-mom went out and bought me two different little plants. Which both are wonderful... a mini palm tree and a money tree... she said she got those for me because every year they get me a hanging basket... and wanted to do something a lil different this year... My dad normally goes with her to pick out what to get me... but unfortunately he is in a rehab facility because he fell and broke his ankle :-(. My son's father got me a cute lil cookie cake that said happy mother's day on it... and also a bag of York Peppermint Patties (my favorite). My daughter's father... well this completely surprised me! He went all out... Of course this was also to include my bday gifts, since he didn’t get me anything for my birthday... But he got me a lap top (course he got my old computer to sell.. lol) and bought me a new couch and chair (which he gets at a major discount from his job... lol) but it was still really nice that he got me all of this! I wasn’t expecting any of it... and he came over and spent the day with me and my daughter and was very very sweet (which he hasn’t been towards me in a while!) so it was a good day...For dinner then, I went with my mom and step-dad and brother and my babies out to eat to Damon's which is bout a half hour min. away... which I ended up getting car sick.. lol. We got their and had a wonderful meal... Towards the end of it... my daughter was sitting on my lap and I started to smell something funky... and then I realized... she pooped... and I didn’t have a change of diapers... wonderful! I was hoping it was solid so maybe I could just get the poop out... and use the diaper enuf till we got home and I could change her.... so a few min. more go past.... and I look down... and there is a wonderful brown stain on my jean... lol.. Great... she's got diarrhea and its leaking out!!!! So I go and take her in the bathroom... grabbing all available napkins from the table first... I am praying that no one else is in the bathroom when I got... because honestly... I really haven’t a clue on what I am going to do... she's got diarrhea... and I have no wipes... no diapers... nothing!!! So we get in their... luckily there is a changing table!! (thank heavens for small miracles!) but of course there are people in there.... so I lay her down... and I look and YES!! there are paper changing pads, which are pretty much the equivalent of a large thick paper towel... but hey... it will help... so I get her cleaned up best I can... and a lil girl walks in... and is in awe of my daughter and how cute she is... so she stops and is like mommy... look how cute his baby is ... she's cute... and in the back of my mind.. all I can think about... is leave me alone!!! I need to change her... and I don’t want everyone to see exactly how I am going to accomplish the feat of diapering my child... with no diaper! So finally the child leaves... and I am alone in the bathroom!! (YEA!!)Luckily... my daughter is wearing tights today... (another small miricle!) and I take the changing pads and fold them length wise... get some napkins, put them on top of the pads.. and get a lot of paper towels... and place - just right- in her tights... lol. my makeshift diaper! And thank the Lord... no more diharrea for the nite... and no pee even till we got home!!!

Gotta Love Being a MOM!

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