Saturday, September 17, 2016

Rain Rain

Its a rainy Saturday morning here. The breeze is cool and it smells lovely!

PeyPey is at his dads for the weekend and hubby is at work, so its just me and the girls right now.
Madybear is still sleeping, Lilybee is playing with a toy car on the floor and the big girls are playing on tablets on the couch.

I am sitting in my chair, sipping on my coffee (first cup I have made in a week!) and just taking it all in and hoping that this headache goes away soon.

There is so much I want to try and get done today... put laundry away, cook dinner, clean the kitchen (which is in the middle of being demo'd), clean the hallway, the bedroom, the bathroom.  I wanted to get the back yard cleaned up some too, but the rain isn't going to let that happen. I mean I could go out and do it in the rain, but then I might melt, so that wouldn't be good.

My family needs me. lol I learned that this week. I had the flu for 5 days. So for 5 days, nothing got done. Nothing got cleaned. Nothing got cooked, laundry only got done on day 5 when I was starting to feel better and took it to my moms and she helped (well really did most of it) me with it all. (laundry room is also being demo'd)

My whole kitchen is completely in shambles. I have no counter top... I have no cabinets. I am missing a wall. I have no water. But the end product will be great and it will all be worth it!!  Till then I have to try not let it stress me out and make me wanna kill my husband and kids. lol

Alright, guess its time to get up and moving and the day started...

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama