Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas thinkin...

I am been thinking about the whole Christmas story for the past week or so.   Thinking about Jesus being born... thinking of Mary.

Mary.  A young girl, maybe somewhere between 12-15 years old.  Not married.  But pregnant.

Can you imagine the looks she got?  The whispers behind her back?  People probably tried to avoid her on the streets. Left rooms when she came in.  Being an unwed mother back then... could you imagine??
And then Joseph.  Put yourself in his shoes. The woman he loved, the woman he was engaged to marry is pregnant. BUT Its NOT his baby.  Can you imagine the thoughts that went thru his head? The doubt? The betrayl that he could have felt?

But the FAITH.  The faith that these two had in the Lord was amazing.  They had the faith to continue on.  To do what the Lord requested of them.  Mary carried that baby and gave birth to a precious little boy... Joseph stayed by her side through out the whole thing.

I just keep thinking about that... what they went thru and the faith that they had.  Could I do it?  Is my faith that strong??

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama

Saturday, December 22, 2012


I tell people that I can't wait till this year is over and done with.

That this has seriously been a hard year.

I think I have struggled more with life this year, that I have in any other year.

This year, I have had the added responsiblity of helping my father out with EVERYTHING.
I take care of all of his finances.  At the begining of the year I was taking him to all of his doctor appts and if I didn't take him, I arranged for transportation.  I had to go over to his house daily to change the dressing on the wound on his foot.  Made sure he had food every day.  Got him through foreclosure procedings and now hopefully have a loan modification for his mortgage.  I am the one he calls to vent too.

I am been single (and lonely) all year just about.
Dated a guy last January that ended up being very demeaning to me at the end because he couldn't understand things about me and didn't really seem to want to.
My ex tried to get back with me... just to find out that he was still living with his girlfriend and the whole month of him promising me the world.. was all a lie.
Fell in love with a great guy who knew me better than anyone... just to have him stop talking to me and not explain why.

A few friendships ended.

I've learned that with a lot of people in my life that if I don't make the majority of the effort... they won't either.

I've had issues with my son's school.

I've learned my place with so many "friends" and "family"

I've had more car issues this year than EVER!!!

Just seems like one thing after another after another that I need to struggle with.

I am tired.
I don't have the energy anymore to fight off the negativity. It is consuming me right now.  And I hate it, but I am so tired.

Now don't get me wrong.. great things have happened too.
I have gotten closer with the Lord than I have ever been.
I have seen him work in my life in so many different aspects.. its crazy. Mind blowing.

I am just praying that 2013 is so much better.

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama

Friday, December 21, 2012

The grinch

That is seriously who I have felt like for the last month.. since about Dec 1st. lol.
I have no Christmas spirit.  I just want this month to be over and done with.
I am ready to be done with Christmas and especially New Years.  UGH.

I hate this.
I hate being in this much of a negative mood.

I have no motivation.
No desire.
I don't want to clean my house.
I don't want to do anything really that I need to do.

I just want to climb in my bed and go to sleep.

I need to shake this.

and soon.

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Just looked at my stats.. who knew? I have the 2nd highest page views... from Poland! lol. The first of course being USA. :-)  

Its been a crazy few weeks.. and honestly I have absolutely no motivation to write anything. I have no motivation for anything really.  I'm not in the holiday spirit again this year really...  I just kinda am.

I dunno. The last week or so, I have just felt blah.  I don't really know why.

I met someone about a month ago now... we have been on some amazing dates!!  He's awesome and I can't wait to see what the future holds... just taking it all a day at a time. :-)

One of my good friend's brother passed away a week ago, so I think that has me a little stressed out too. I'm worrying for my friend and his family.

Things with my kids are pretty good. Lil man has been doing better with his homework. I think I may have figured out a good reward system for him. :-) So I'm hoping it works.

I have no motivation for anything really. I have no appetite. Food just isn't appealing to me lately.. I eat because of I have to.. I just don't enjoy it like I normally do.

Hope ya'll have a great day/week!!

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama