Tuesday, January 13, 2009


P was on green today... but his teacher had to have a talk with me... he wasnt paying attention in school. He was playing with his crayons stacking them over and over again... so she had to talk with me about it. I will b so glad when his reg. teacher comes back to school. It seems like he has gone down hill since his teacher went on maternity leave... I mean he's always his fits and everything.. but it seems like it has just gotten worse and worse. On the way home he was acting over hyper and obnoxious. Wouldnt listen to me talk, kept making funny noises... I also notice that his new shoelace that I put in his shoe that morning... was missing... this is the 3rd shoes lase in the last couple months that I had put in his shoe! So I asked him what happened to it... He said he didnt know. I told him from now.. "i dont know" is not an acceptable answer. So i asked him again... he still didnt know... so I told him that he had to write sentences that he would not take the shoe lace out of his shoe since he didnt know what happened to it... later on his told nani that a bully took it out of his shoe... (who once used to be his bestfriend) i am not sure if i believe this story or not.
S was a little cranky today.. She wanted to be held or right by me all day. She wasnt feeling that good so i gave her some medicine and she went right to bed on time... Then she woke up around 10 and didnt want to go back to sleep because my friend l was over... so i kept putting her back in her room... after the 2nd time she cryed herself to sleep.. when i went in and checked on her before i went to bed she was alseep on the floor in front of the door... aw..

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