Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The last few days have been absolutely wonderful!!! God seriously has been listening and answering my prayers...
Peyton was on green yesterday!!! wahoo!!!
He was with his father all weekend- friday thru monday. I went and picked him up on monday... we came home and my good friend J came over and he made me and the kids dinner. (I have been helping him thru somethings and so to show his appreciation he did this for me) So while he made dinner me and Peyton played monopoly... and he kicked my butt... We ate dinner and I played with the kids somemore... they both went to bed so good for me..
Peyton was on green yesterday!!!
We went to my mom's after work yesterday... and the kids were wild and crazy there.. but a good wild and crazy.. a happy wild and crazy, not a mean angry wild and crazy. It was a lot of fun.. they got wore out. We came home and they still were so good... My friend Julio stopped over for a bit and Peyton warmed right up to him. They were trying to figure out how to play bakugan's and everything.. It was really sweet. Sissy of course wanted to be right up on my lap and no where near him.. (She's already got issues with men lol). When I said it was time for bed, neither of them faught me or anything!!! It was wonderful. Sissy grabed her blankie and her ba and went right in and layed down in her bed and didnt get out till like 1am!! NO fighting me or anything. Peyton went to sleep in my bed and there was no problem there either! I was so happy!!
I hope this continues today!!
Thank you Jesus for this wonderful day!!!

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