Friday, January 23, 2009

The love of a Father

I was thinking about this just now while I was writing another one of my blogs. (I think wwwaaaayyyy too much sometimes!) I was thinking about my daughters father... and how he is towards our daughter and his other 3 daughters. I know he loves all of his girls. But he rarely if ever shows it. He's too concerned with not having to deal with "baby mama drama" than seeing his girls. And I know that it will eventually have a major impact on all of the kids. I can try and make up for it by being there that much more for my daughter,staying in contact with his ex's and his family to make sure that my daughter knows her sisters and her family on that side. But I am still no subsitute for her father. A fathers love is like no other...
And the that made me start to think about our Lord, our Father. There are so many people out there that do not know God, that do not feel his love in their life and it will eventually have a major impact on their future. We as human try to subsitute that absense of the Father with drinking, drugs, sex, humanly possession... yet still something is missing. The love of our Father. If they would just open their heart to Him they would understand it... The would feel the hole in their soul start to mend and fill up with the love and the power of Jesus Christ. Knowing that our Father Lord loved us so much that he gave up His Son for our sins is the most astounding thought ever... How many fathers out there would be willing to give up something that means that much to them? My daughter's father can't even give up watching a football game to take time to see her or any of his other daughters... Yet God gave us His Son... We just have to accept that gift. Let him into our life, into our heart.

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