Wednesday, January 21, 2009


OK!!! This is me ranting and raving!!!
But seriously!!
I went to McDonald's this morning. I was in a good mood and was in the mood for some good coffee (better than work coffee) and some cookies too.. mmm.. cookies.. And I figured while I was there I would get my coworker who also happens to be one of my great friends some coffee and 2 apple pies...
Well I tell them my order... pretty simple I thought...
2 large coffees
~1 with 9cream-9sugar
~1 black
3 choc chip cookies
2 apple pies

Total came to 3.18 with tax... which suprised me...So then when I got to the first window I asked the woman if she had got everthing I wanted (cuz each thing was a dollar... shoulda been at least $4) She said yes and handed me the reciept... so I guess cookies are free??? mmm... anyone know anything about this? So anyway- I go to the next window. and the chic gave me the bag with the food... I quickly checked it. Everything was there...
Then she handed me the coffee....
and stated that the one with the things pushed in was the one with the 9cream and 9sugar and the other one was the black... So I drive to work... sip mine... doesnt seem like they put the right stuff in.. but ok whatever.. I taste the other one.. and it about tastes the same.. but again I really don't think anything of it... becasue the chic told me which was which.
I get into work and I give my friend his coffee and apple pies... He thanks me.. I go to my desk, sit down... and then he comes up.. and asks me if I had his coffee. The one he had has cream and sugar in it. So I double check... and what do you know.. looks like they BOTH have cream and sugar in it....
So now I am wondering.... Did the chic that told me that ONE was cream and sugar and the other was NOT.... know what the heck she was talking about??? I mean seriously... its not that hard of a job to figure out which is which... There wasn't a long line inside or out... There weren't a million orders going thru at the same time... So why was this so hard to get right? I know most of the time if I order more than one coffee... one gets screwed up... whatever... But to point out which is which to me.... and tell me that the one was black... comeon now...
Seriously there is a lack of communication between empoyees... Maybe a remedial reading and comprenstion class is needed??
Now don't get me wrong. I am downing anyone that works at McDonald's. I am glad that you do. I am not saying anything negative about that... The thing that bothers me and it wouldn't matter if you worked at McDonald's or Microsoft... If you tell me exactly what something is... and its wrong... you are still an idiot.
(now i know i have made my fair share of mistakes. and i am an idiot too. everyone is an idiot at one time or another.)


  1. hahahah! which mcdonalds did you go to?? I am not going there to order anything "tricky" hahaha! sorry about your coffees! lol

  2. I went to the one on Broad St and South Abbe. lol.

  3. haha. thats the one i always go to when i am in elyria and they ALWAYS mess up the order!!! no matter what it is!!!! even something as simple as a cheeseburger with extra cheese, extra ketchup and extra pickle.... think they put anything extra on it!!!?? NOpe. every single time!!! hahaha. I am not downing on people who work at mcdonalds, but that specific mcd's is "SPECIAL" LOL


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