Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Seriously.. I have issues

I am really starting to think that I am getting crazy in my old age... 


I over think to the point where I feel like I am going crazy... I over think the stupidest things!!! 

For example... today, I set up a YouTube Account.. I had a couple videos of the kids from the weekend playing.. so I wanted to put them up there for the family and friends to watch if they ever felt the need to.. lol.  
But then I got to thinking...  I want to keep some of my children's life private.. so I don't want the YouTube acct. really associated with my blog.. If I post a video, cool.. but I don't want anyone and their mom looking around and finding my blog.. then finding all these videos of my kids...  
But then I started to think..well what if I want to publish something hilarious... like a night out with my friends... at a bar or something... well I don't want that to be associated with my kids and the "family" oriented blog... So I decided that I will open a separate YouTube account for that...  
And now I am worried that I should have done it differently... Used my overthinkingmama name/addy for the YouTube account... Or I should have linked the two accounts... Or I should have.. uh yea.. you get the point... 

I really think I am going crazy... and I over think like this for something stupid... Can you imagine how I over think for something real life!!! 

UGH!!! wheres my xanax?? 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

PINT- dont feel like it today

Sorry guys... 
I am not really in the mood to do the PINT today..  
I am very tired... and cold... and just zoned out...  I can't concentrate on anything.. 
This past week has pretty much been a week from hell. I am not going to go into details... but to say the least... a lot of stuff has happened... and its made me have to re-evaluate my future.... and I am at a cross-roads... whether to listen to my heart or to my head. 
and its a tug-o-war battle going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. 
To say the least... I am exhausted from it.. (more so than normal) 

I feel like complaining about the dang-on a/c at my job!!! 

It always set of frost bite. I am sitting here today freezing as I always am, tho this morning I honestly didn't think I would be.... why? because I decided today (summer time remember) to wear a long sleeve black top... a hot pink tank underneith... and jeans... and flip flops (maybe this is where I made my mistake) And guess what?! I am still freaking cold!!! WTH!!  
So I put a sweater on!!  
Come On Now People!!! its summer... i get that... i get we need the a/c on in here...  but really?? do we need it so cold that I have to wear a sweater over a long sleeve shirt??!!!  And maybe if it was only in the summer that it was too cold in here, I could deal a lil bit better ( not much but maybe a lil bit) but even in the winter time... its just as freaking cold!! So cold that I have to have a little space heater going at all times... I really don't want to break out the space heater in the middle of summer... thats just odd... and crazy... and as much as I dont mind being the odd crazy chic of the office... I really don't want to be "That" odd crazy chic!  So please.. just turn it up some... or hell.. here's an idea... dress like its summer and not wear sweaters, long sleeve shirts, jackets, and all that to work every single day... (esp if you are warm blooded anyway)  

ps. I think I might color my hair black tonite... I need a change... and its either that... or I am cutting it. 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gotta love it...

I went to the tractor supply store today to pick up some dewormer tablets for our puppy Edward and also picked up his first shots (well it was only really one shot of 5 different meds). When I walked into the store I seen this... I had to take a pic and so a post. Anti monkey butt powder!!! The name alone is hilarious !  I might go back and get some.... its a power to help prevent irritation when working out, walking, or for just any ole random movement... yea..  I need some.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


My Mommy's creation (ignore the dog lol) 
She made me one of these for mother's day.. using my daughters own pants and shoes.. (Click here to see it.)
I love this idea for a plant holder. 
She has made these ones with plans of going to craft fairs and whatnot to sell them. 
I wanted to share these adorable plant holders with you. 
She is also planning on taking orders... and if you want to make yours just for YOU... you can send her your own kids jeans and shoes and she can make them into a plant holder for you. 
I think these would be great gifts for Mother's day.. Father's day... Graduation gift (with the graduates own clothes).. and Wedding gift (bride and grooms baby clothes)... Or really for any holiday!  

For more information regarding ordering these or to see more pictures... please email me.

God Bless! 

Friday, June 25, 2010

Realization Friday

I actually had a pretty decent turn out of realizations this week!! Thank you all so much that sent them in!!!  This is why I love doing these posts... Keep them coming!! 


~ that growning up or old is no fun and it an hurt

~ the heart doesnt always want whats best

~ I am tired of selfish people

~ if you wait to long to have the time to enjoy something, when the times comes you might not have the motivation or energy to enjoy it

~ that I may not be worth it to one person... but I am worth everything to the right person

~ my right boob is a half a cup size bigger than my left boob *tear* and I just figure it out today

~ive should hae spent more time enjoying my children instead of trying to better our future

~ that tomorrow isnt guarenteed. you may not have the money, the people, or the things that you do today... so make sure you enjoy today to the fullest and dont put off good things till the next day. 

~ that real life is far from the "fairy tale" that movies make it out to be...  there isn't always going to be a prince charming to sweep you off your feet.. 

To submit your realizations for next friday's post... send me an email to They are kept confidential and are deleted after I post. 

God Bless!! 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

letter from a friend...

From my friend: 

As the days go on my heart gets heavier and heavier. What is the meaning to all this I ask myself. Is this a test to see if I can still luv or am I doomed to b a heartless creature? What else is goin to b thrown in mt face each day? I can't get no serenity in this fucked up god forsaken world. I have no answers and I feel like I can't get no resolution at all. No matter how much I try and give I just can't let go. Y does god torture my heart like this? What have I done so bad that I can't even get a good nites rest no more. What is there left for me? What is there left OF me? To many qusetions and no answers. I'm tryin to change myself so the rest of the world will b happy with me. I just wanna know how much longer this is gonna go on. I don't know if I can do it anymore or even if I want to. I really do hate bein me all the time. I need to move and find a new life for myself that way I can get away from insanity. Till nxt time......

my reply: 

first of all.. even if you move... all the same issues that you are having now will be there... being in this sucky town doesnt have to do with YOU. it may not make things as easy as they could be... but you cant use that as an excuse..   i think you are a lot like me.. you find people to love that need something... you dont do it on purpose... and its just how things seem to work out... but you want someone that needs you in someway... or that you need them in someway...  you will never be a heartless creature... thats not you... i am learning that some people just cant let go... i have people in my past.. guys that i have dated... years ago.. for a short time... that to a point i still love... i still get that sweet/sick feeling when i think about them.. or see a picture of them...  we are just softhearted emotional beings me and you...  the things you need to change... are things that you may not even realize yet... and im not even sure what all it is...  i think you are a great guy. you have some issues.. everyone does... but you need to set the issues aside in future relationship and be with the person you are with.. not the past...  the past will always affect you, your heart, and your mind... but you also have to realize that the person you are with is not your past.. its your present.. and also possibly your future.  things will get better... i can see you growing and maturing before my eyes... i feel like our friendship has definetely grown too.  quit trying to change yourself for the world.. for someone...  you will never be happy. you need to change for you... you need to write down what you want... what you dont want.. and what you will never on God's green earth accept... whether its in a person.. a love, a friend, a job, a house ect... and never stray from that list... unless its something YOU want... not what someone else wants...   
i know you want answers... we all do... all i can say is pray.  it may not not come quick.. and it may not come in the form that you may think... but God does answer your prayers... I can see Him answering mine... You need to become aware of your blessings... you need to realize the great things in your life...  your mom, dad, sister,your nephew, me, job, friends, family... etc...  and even small things that you dont think amount to much... the green lights on the way to work...  the sale on cigarettes down at the corner...  the lil old woman who just smiled at you as you walked past...  dont dwell on the negativity...  when someones an asshole around you.. laugh at them... rise above their pettyness... when car cuts you off.. just realize that maybe they need to get somewhere quicker than you...  when you hear someone complaining in a store.. just realize that maybe theyve just had a really bad day...  don't take these things to heart and def. dont react to them.. its not worth it...  stop.. take a deep breath.. and think of how lucky you are..  you need to change the way you look at things...  the world aint out to get you...  but you do need to learn from your life... otherwise.. whats the point.. just to sit here and have fun and do nothing? no God put us on this earth for His glory... to show us goodness.. and even bad.. so we can learn.. so we can evolve...  but its up to us to make those choices... to choose the good over the bad.. to choose to be happy... and no you wont be able to be happy 24/7 no one can... but when you feel NOT happy...  you need to stop what you are doing.. take some time for you... find something that relaxes you.. video games, a book, a hot shower, a walk, a friend, whatever... and relax...  and things eventually get better...  but only if you let it. 
wow... i dont even know where i went with all that.. or if it will help.... but i hope it will... 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Quit bragging!

I have a couple friends who all they do is brag. 
Brag about how wonderful their kids are.
Brag about how wonderful their husband is.
Brag about how great their job is.
About their animals... 
About their car... 
Their friends... 
Their LIFE...

And they do it on Facebook, on their blogs, on twtiter and of course in person. They make sure you know how great their lives are... and how much better they are than you. 

Im sorry.... gag me with a wooden spoon. 

No I am not jealous... I don't envy them... 

I know better.  

I know their life aint perfet... No one's life is... 

I mean maybe they have a very positive out look on life... ok.. thats cool.. but when you are constantly always posting things like ... My life is so perfect. I have the perfect life. My kids are perfect. My bf/gf is perfct... It gets old quick. 

As humans Ive learned we like to know we ain't the only ones out there that have sucky moments in our life...  And if all you ever do is post about how perfect you are... we are going to A/ know you are a liar. B/ end up resenting you and C/ not want to be around you. 

I have a few friends like this... One of them I blocked their facebook updates and stopped following their blog.  The other... I just laugh at.. because I know her... I know she is.. and she's always been like this...  always having to "one up" someone.  Ive learned to accept her for this. (and kinda ignore it and laugh at her for it lol) 

So the moral of this story... If all you can talk about is how perfect your life is... shut up. cuz most of us... Don't want to hear it... 

Ps. also.. if all you do is complain about how crappy your life is... shut up too... no one likes a complainer!!! 

Life is what it is... Some days you are on top of the world... some days the world's on top of you.   

Friday, June 18, 2010

Realization Friday

Again... not many people submitted realizations for the week :-( maybe this isn't a good idea anymore?! I dunno.. Thank you for those who did send some in!! :-)

Ive come to realize: 

~ that I am not as open minded about technology as I used to be

~ that God has truly blessed me in more ways than I even know.. or deserve

~ that where I stand today isnt the way I visioned it months ago

~ that the good Lord put you on this Earth for a reason, you may never know why but there is a purpose

~ that I really hate to go pee

~ that I had a good realization...and it just completely slipped my mind.

~ at 30 years of age, I still have mixed feelings about what I want

You can submit your realizations for next Fridays post. Just email me at 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Randomness Wednesday

I really didn't know what exactly to write about today... I have a bunch of random thoughts running through my brain today... 

I had the strangest dream last night.... I was pregnant. And I was at my mom's house... and was walking down stairs... and my mom and step dad were there and I guy... I am assuming it was my bf but I couldn't see any faces (I normally don't in my dreams). And I walked in to the kitchen and was like yea.. I think I am gonna have this baby today... I sat down and felt between my legs... and there was a lump... so I pulled up my dress and there was a baby coming out... I just pulled him out (it was a boy) and that was that. No pain. No pressure. Just calm. I remember he had a hair line down to his eyebrows... I kept laughing at him and when I would laugh he would laugh.  And then I woke up.  Haven't a clue on what that means...any ideas? 

I am trying to get a HTC Evo. I am on 3 waiting lists right now. I am really hoping that by the end of the week I will have one...  My phone's so getting on my nerves.. Right now I am with ATT and I have a Samsung Blackjack 2. And I do love my phone... but just in the last few months.. I have has so many issues... ugh. My music files are corrupted. So I have no ring tones.  It takes forever to open mms messages.  And I don't have Internet.. which is fine cuz I really dont think this phone could handle it.  So I am planning on upgrading.. well sorta. I am switching to sprint for the Evo.  I worried about the whole number porting and all.. but I am excited to actually have a NEW phone! And one that I can do anything and everything with!!  I am excited! 

I so want to get a new tattoo.  I have been itching to get a bright colorful flower type tattoo on my shoulder. the top/front of my shoulder.  I see all these other beautiful women with all these beautiful tattoos... and it makes me want one even more. Sadly... $$$$ is the issue at the moment...  Maybe next month? *sigh* unless someone wants to sponsor it?? I'll do a whole blog post on it... lol. :-)  *** hey a girl can dream right? 
this is an idea i drew up... 

I am getting tired of my hair... its getting to that point where I want to get it cut. Its just there. It shoulder length and does whatever it wants. This is probably the longest I have had my hair since before my daughter was born.  But I don't know yet.. I am trying to let it grown... but I am impatient! 
i love her hair

I am also thinking about putting my eyebrow ring back in... but I dunno if that will be overboard with all the other piercings on my face...  

So yea.. those are my random thoughts of the morning... 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

and the winner.....

just me ~ smoopy email me with ur name and address and i will send out the prize to u! congrats!!!

We got the puppy!!

It was a pretty good weekend. We went Saturday morning and picked up my puppy! I was so excited!! And I know the kids were too!!  He was so adorable! 
The 45 min car ride how... was.... fun... tho I suppose it all depends on your definition of fun. lol. 
My puppy sat on my lap the entire time.. much to the disappointment of my kids.  But I knew better than to let him sit back there with them.  As we were going down the road... my bf looks at me... and said he felt something warm... His puppy just peed... I started laughing at him... a few minutes later... my puppy peed on me...  His puppy cryed all the way home... my sat in my lap just as fine as can be... and then the tummy lurching started...  I grabbed the first thing I could son's shirt. and hurried and put it under the puppy's mouth.. and caught the throw up which was mostly just flem and spit/liquid.  This happened a few more times. 
Lil Man had a game at 2 so we hurried and dropped him off and promised to be back in just a few minutes, we had to go home and change.  So we rushed home and of course just as we pulled on to my street... my puppy decided to throw up all the days food... in my lap, on the seat, and in my hand. Lovely. At least we were pretty much home.  

Lil man did great at his game. I love watching him play. After the game we went up to the pet store and got some essentials... Food, Collars, Treats, Toys, etc.   Then we went home. Let miss Bella get aquainted with her new playmates and then we went off to dinner. 

After dinner we came home and let them out of the cage.. NO ACCIDENTS in the cage!! I was soooo happy!! They all went right out side and peed!  Then played..  Then played... then napped. They are really really good puppies!! I am so excited *knock on wood* 

We decided to go with Edward.  Some how (I know its silly) we had a Twilight theme going in our house... We started with Bella (chihuahua) which I got before I even knew what Twilight was. Then we got Jake/Jacob (the hamster) which my son named. So it seemed only right to go along with the theme... lol. tho Ive been made fun of everyone for this!  But his name is Edward.  I will do the contest tonite when I get home and post the results either tonite or first thing in the morning. 
Thank you everyone who submitted names for us!!! :-)  

Friday, June 11, 2010

Realization Friday

Im a lil sad...

I didnt have many realziations for this week.... only a couple...

but anywho... here they go..


~ people suck.. all

~ that there are certain people that just always seem to be sick- if a sickness is out there... they will get it

~ some weeks just seem to take longer than others

~ some people give up on the right things... and keep up with the wrong.

If you would like your realizations posted for next Friday... email me at :


I Love You

I love you. 

three simple little words that we take for granted more often than not.

Why is saying I love you so hard to say?  Especially when you are upset with someone? 

I was brought up that when you leave from someone (going to store, work, gym, etc) you always say I love you. 
Or when you get off the phone especially for the night... you say I love you. 

I was brought up that you tell the people in your life that you love them when parting ways because you don't know if you will get that other chance to tell them again.  Once you part ways... can you guarentee that you will be able to remind that person you love so much... that you do indeed love them?  

Its like saying bye, cya later, adios, etc. when getting off the phone or leaving someone... would you just walk away ... and not say anything? 

Ive watched a lot of my friends that are in relationships do this...  their bf/gf run to the store.. or to a friends... and they say bye.. and walk off... no kiss.. no hug... no i love you.  
Or they are on the phone with their gf/bf and get off the phone and just say bye. No I love you's spoken.  
I don't get it.  I couldnt imagine going thru my day with out telling my bf that I love him. Period. I know he knows that I do. And I know that he loves me. But its still good to hear it.  Three simple words that have so much meaning I LOVE YOU.  

Am I odd for thinking like this... that it should be said when you part because it could be the last time you may be able to tell that person?  

Thursday, June 10, 2010

old pics of me :~)

Went thru my phone when i was bored and found a few pics of myself :-) thot id share all my "looks" 

This was summer of 2008

this was spring 2009

Winter 2009/10

Summer of 2005 

Summer 2009

Fall 2009

Jan 2010

Summer 2008

Recent- Spring 2010

my garage sale adventures

so i went back with my mom after work to all the garage sales and found some good least i think i did... lol. i got baby girls 4 shirts, a skirt and a bag of belts. i got a figure, toothpaste, a gluecose meter,and an air freshener thingy and i only spent $12.00!!! i heart garage sales!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

my other baby

my mom went to a bunch or garage sales today and got this for me and my lil bella...too cute!

overthinking.... as always.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately...  (what a shocker right?)
Over analyzing my life... my thoughts... my feelings... my desires... my actions... etc..etc. etc.

I feel so strongly right now that the devil's go a hold of me...
I have been slacking on going to church.
I have been slacking on going to bible study
I have been slacking on reading the bible.
I have been slacking on praying. (now i always pray.. I am always talking to God... but I mean like really praying... like deep praying for other people's needs)

I feel like the devil's got a hold of me... and I can't seem to get away.

I feel like I am being torn is so many different directions...

So many different thoughts trouble my mind...

So this morning.... I prayed.... Prayed to have the Lord bring me back closer to him... to give me the strength to fight off the devil's temptations...
I actually woke up early today... and read the bible... and prayed some more...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Name that Puppy

I will be gettin this cute little puppy in one week We are still trying to figure out names so I thought why not have a contest for suggestions on puppy names.
**** I forgot to include originally. lol.  ITS A BOY!
Contest rules:
1- leave me a comment with a suggestion for a puppy name
2- only on suggestion per comment
3- you can comment as much as you would like
4- you must be a follower on either my blog or on twitter

The  winner will recieve a $5 gift card to McDonalds

If there isn't a name suggested that we like I will take all the comments and write your names on slips of paper... and let one of my kids pick out the winner from a hat :-)

I will announce the winner on the 14th of June via a blog post and on twitter. You will have 24hrs to email me your info (or put ur email addy in your comment and I can email you if you win to get your info).

um.... thats all I can think of right now... lol

Good Luck!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


lil man thinks he's spider man!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My wonderful weekend!

Well first off... I realized Saturday morning, laying in bed with my boyfriend... I forgot my Realization Friday post! but then I didn't get any realizations in... so I guess its all right... If you want to submit your realizations just finish the sentence : Ive come to realize _______________. and email it to 

This was a great weekend... probably one of the best I have had in a few weeks.  
My BF came up Friday afternoon. We went down to visit his friends and for me to pick out my puppy. I can't wait!! :-)  We get our puppies in 2 weeks!  They are all so so cute, I wanted them all. It was a lil hard to tell them all apart tho.. but my BF picked the girl and I got the twin! :-)  It will be interested bringing them home and seeing how well my Bella does with them... (Bella's a chihuahua)   We hung out with his friend and eventually girlfriend (she worked part of the night) till probably midnight. It was nice to hang  out with them, have a few beers and just chill. The kids loved being able to run around and act crazy most of the night too! Especially with the dogs and puppies running around after them.  

my  son drew this pic of my BF on our way down to BF's friends. lol. 

Saturday was the start of the busy busy busy weekend. We slept in a lil bit.. till probably 930/1000ish.  Then BF got to work on the area for my fire-pit patio.. He cut the wood and got that all taken care off and then used his weed eater to get rid of all the grass. While he was doing that... since I really hate just sitting around watching someone work.. I mowed the front and back yard.  2pm came quick and we had to get showered and get Lil Man to his baseball game.. He did so good. I was so proud.  After the game Lil Man went with his dad for the weekend so it was just me, the BF and the girls.  We went to Bulk N Bushel and picked up a ton of riverbed rocks.. It was only $30!  Then to Home Depot to pick up a few more supplies.  Then back home. I ran out and got chicken for us for dinner...  then the BF worked some more on the patio.. Im not really sure what I did at that moment..(oh yea.. i remember now! lol. I put down newspaper to prevent weeds from popping thru the rocks) . About 9pm we called it quits and went and sat out on my front swing and snuggled and had a drink. 

Sunday was another fun filled day! We tried to wake up early enough for church... and I did.. but apparently I fell back asleep till we only had a half hour to get ready.. and that wasn't enough.. so we went and started working on the rest of the patio... getting that ton of rocks from the truck into wheelbarrows and then dumped into the patio area. When it was all done... It looked so nice. Then my BF decided he wanted to redo my deck railing/fence that me and my ex had put up 4years ago... it was def. a ghetto job that I had done.. but at the time.. I didnt know better..  Once we got all the old stuff down we showered, went to home depot and then off to my moms for dinner. It was really nice hanging out over there and just relaxing some.  We came home around 930 and decided just to relax out on the swing and have a drink. (I love my swing) 

Monday we were up bright and early again.. before 9am!  My BF went straight away to trying to get the fence all figured out and I decided to fry us up some bacon my Mom had picked up for us from Amish Country. While I was at it I figured I would make some monkey bread too. And OMG! that was sooo friggin good.. The kids loved it... I can't stop eating it... I can't wait to make more!! and it was soooooo easy!!! After I was done with all that... and cleaning everything up...  I started on cleaning my garage... because once again, I hate just standing around watching someone else work.  The BF did a great job with my deck railing/fence... its so much more sturdy that ever... We/He got most of it finished... just a small section left to do.  We had to stop and clean up because we needed to go and get Lil Man from his dads and also it looked like it was about to rain... which it did!! We had a great Thunderstorm!!!  After we got Lil Man we ate some dinner and relaxed the rest of the night... well I cleaned up some and did some laundry and got Baby girl a bath... but then I relaxed and finally went to bed.  ( I will have a post about the back yard projects when the fence is all done!) 

It was a busy but awesome weekend!!! 

How was your Memorial Day weekend??