Thursday, January 22, 2009

Credit Report

Should credit matter when it comes to dating?

When you are dating someone or thinking of dating should their credit score or history even be a factor in "your future together"?
I will admit. I do think about it... I didnt used to and now I am paying for it.
My credit isn't the greatest. And really I have no one to blame but myself. I jokingly blame my ex for it all but really when it comes down to it... its MY credit and MY responsibilty. My ex had shit for credit when I met him... but we agreed to fix it together... we were gonna be together forever and all that, so no big deal. 6 months after we started dating, he lost his job... and was unemployed for 9 months!!! During that time I put almost everything on my credit cards, didn't pay anything off, and the bills just kept piling up, but I figured that we would pay it off TOGETHER as soon as he got a job... Well 2 months after he got a job... We split... and now guess who gets to pay of the bills?? Yup you got it right... ME!!
But I am working on my credit. I have consolidated my cards, and it will be paid of in a couple years. I have actually raised my credit score in the last year. I pay most if not all of my bills on time.. and I am fixing my mistakes...
But should I be leary of a man that had credit that is shit??
If he can't even get a phone in his name? Should that be a considering factor when thinking of a future with a man?
My mom always told me to make sure you keep your credit good. Its like a reputation.. once you loose it... its even harder to get back. And I had faught hard most of my life to keep my credit good... but if a man that I am planning on spending my life with doesn't have the same philosphy as me then what am I to think about our credit future?
I guess I should get the reasoning behind the credit issues... and if there is a plan of repair set up to fix the credit issues before discriminating again a man...
but should I even be thinking about his credit before the idea of marriage is even on the table?

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