Friday, January 9, 2009

Stood up.

I was stood up last
Not many people tell others about it... but its starting to be a theme in my life...

This is the second time this man has stood me up. We are just friends... At one time I had more feelings for him that I do now... And just a few days ago he sent me a text message that " I will be his this year"!! right. whatever.
Why dont people at least have the deceny to call someone or an email or something that say... I am sorry, I can't make it.
I half expected to get an email or somethng from him today saying he was sorry something came up... but nope. nothing. I mean did he compeltely forget that we had plans last night? (even tho we had made the plans the day before?)
Does he just not have any respect for me at all that he can't at least call and cancel? What goes thru men's minds??? Seriously! This is absurd!

I know I am not the perfect woman... I am not drop dead gorgeous.. I am not the most outgoing... Yea I got my issues... I got "baggage" but still... I dont deserve treatment like that... no one does. The one and ONLY time I ever had to cancel plans on him... I told him asap. Why dont I deserve the same from that man???

I am done. I am over it and over him. I just find it funny that people are so inconsiderate to other... I will find someone better. I know God has a husband out there waiting for me... getting him ready to be my man... same as he's getting me ready to be that mans wife... and obviously... the man that stood me up- aint the one.


  1. Thats so crappy! I read this earlier and meant to comment you but didnt get the opportunity to. I am so mad for you! You will find someone better than him!!! I promise. Boys are ridiculous! They irritate me and you seem like an awesome person so dont take it to heart. He sucks!!! Right after arrogance, inconsiderate people annoy me! I am so sorry that happened :( Hope today is well for you though.

  2. You know i wouldnt ever do you like that.. thats why i didnt promise.
    But I will see you again my friend :)

    love ya


  3. I guess if hot chicks like you can get stood up... I don't feel so bad. But you're right no one should be treated like this. You've obviously moved on are are happy because of it...


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