Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lil Man's birthday (belated post)

This past Sunday we celebrated my Lil Man’s 9th birthday!!!  I was going to post yesterday but didn’t get the chance to L.  We focused more on his birthday than mother’s day… because if it wasn’t for him… I wouldn’t have been called mother for the last 9 years!!

I still can’t believe its been 9 years already!!!  I still remember the day he was born. Perfectly.  The day before I went to the doc for my weekly check up. He did the normal checking of everything and realized I was 1cm dialated. He said alright. We will induce you tomorrow. I jumped at it!! I was so ready to get that baby out of me. Looking back (and same with my daughter… I wish just a lil bit that I waited for it all to happen naturally.) I was already on maternity leave so I didn’t have to worry about that but I had to tell my fiancé and let him know he needed to get at least the next day off.  I was to be down at the hospital at 7am the next morning.   That night I walked a couple miles with my mom and my puppy… hoping maybe to get things started naturally… Nothing… When my fiancé got home from work (he worked 2nd shift) we stayed up and chatted some and then went to lay down… my puppy came up to me and started scratching at my belly almost like trying to dig the baby out. He knew! J  The next morning I was so tired… I woke up late and didn’t make it to the hospital till like 730/800. Yea. Im always late! Lol. I got in and they got me into a room.  Started IV’s and everything with me… at 930 they started the pitocin.  Everything was cool. My mom and my fiancé went down to the cafeteria and got some food.. They came back in and ate in front of me!!! I was so hungry… and the food smelled so good. Ugh.  The nurse came in and asked how I was do. I told her fine. She asked me if I was having any contractions… I told her I was. She asked me if I was in any pain. I told her nope I was good.  She checked me out and they decided to break my water… it was about 1030 or so.  As soon as the water broke… I. felt. Every. Single. Contraction. OMG!  She came back in a lil bit later and asked if I wanted an epidural. I said yes!!!  They came back in and got me all set up with that.  And everything was so much more better!  They came in and talked about putting a cathereter in me because of the epidural. I really didn’t want that. So I asked what did I have to do to not get it.. They said Pee. So I did. In the bedpan of course. As my mom took my picture! (I love my family).  A bit later the nurse came in and said it was time… She went and called the doc and then  came in and got everything set up. The doc showed up  The nurse held one leg/knee up towards my chest… she had my mom hold the other and my fiancé right next to my head. The doc told my fiancé to count for me to push, count to ten. He counted in his head. LOL . The doc looked at him and said you need to count outloud. She needs to be able to hear you. J  He started counting… another nurse yelled from the door- Sweetie theres a gentleman out here with a cane and glasses, he says he’s your father do you want him to come in??  At that point I didn’t care who seen me with my legs spread open and all my lady parts hanging out…. I just wanted that baby out. So he came in and my mom started to feel faint- She asked my dad to take over holding my leg and he did…  The baby started coming out… the doc had to do an episiotomy (they cut a slit from my vagina to my butthole) and omg!!! That hurt so bad. At that moment I let out a moan and the nurse is like sweetie- no point in crying out now.. we are almost done you haven’t made a sound this whole time! I wanted to punch her. Lol. 
Lil Man  5/8/02 7lbs 5oz
At 1234 my precious Lil Man was born. They put him on my stomach and I started crying. I was so happy!! That was the best moment of my life.  

Its been 9 years. 9 years of loving. 9 years of learning. Of ups and downs. Happy times. Sad times. Of times where I questioned my parenting skills. Where I felt like I was a failure. Where I felt like I got this. I am a good mom.  9 years of being a mom. 9 years dedicated to my Lil Man.

I love you Lil Man!! 

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama 


  1. That was nice. I remember it sooo well, for he was my first grandchild.I remember whispering in his little ear, hey Scooter, its grami here and i love you.

  2. Ohhh...What a touching story. Happy Birthday to your Little MAN.

  3. What a great birth story! Happy Birthday to your big 9 year old! :-)

  4. A beautiful story! You're such a wonderful MOM!

  5. Awe, what a sweet story! :) I hope he had a wonderful birthday...


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