Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Can it be friday again??

My weekend was absolutely fabulous!!! It was exactly what I needed.

Friday, I spent the night out with friends karaoking!! It was a blast!!  
Saturday, I bought 15bags of mulch to put down and got all but 3 down. I just didn’t have the energy for the 3 last bag. Then it was off to baseball and WE WON!!! Yay!!! I know everyone was super excited since this is the first game we have won since our very first game!!  After the game.. we went and got pizza and Lil Man had a couple kids over to stay the night. And amazing they were wonderful!! I expected the worst… but they were awesome!!!
Sunday, we had a cook out and I was a little disappointed because a few people were late and everyone left by like 730.  (it started at 430). OH well.
Monday- we literally layed around all day. I read. The kids did what they wanted. It was all good. After dinner we went to the park with my mom and had a lil picnic and then let the kids play… They enjoyed it.

The weekend was kinda bitter sweet for me… A lot of things that happened this weekend made me think of my ex… and made me realize how lonely I am… how much I wish I had someone special to spend time with. Some one to hold hands with… or cuddle with…  
So I was debating all weekend about maybe checking out a dating site… but the good ones are expensive and the free ones are full of creeps… so I dunno. There still is a gentleman that I am interested in… but I still don’t know what’s going on there or even if he’s interested in me at all. L  So I dunno what  exactly to do… I don’t know where to meet guys… decent, Christian guys.  I guess that’s all in God’s hands.

Hope Ya’ll had a great weekend!!!

Ps. I have been craving fruit and veggies all weekend… think I need to go buy some today J

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My- MAMA Style 2

My- MAMA Style

Top: Thrifted- 3.99
Tank: C28- 5.99
Jeans: Forever 21- 10.50
Shoes: Thrifted- 3.99 (i think)

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama 

Friday, May 27, 2011


Well I was told my first my step sister than my dad and my step mom... She is in remission!! Yay!!!  

She was diagnosed with lung cancer last September... and its been an up and down battle ever since. 

She is home... and seems to be doing well!! 

This is the story I posted on it last Fall. 

Praise God!!! 

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama 

Realization Friday

And its Friday again!!!

Time for the realizations of the week!!!

I’ve come to realize:

~ That something you think is bad… could end up a good thing.

~ That God’s plan is always best.

~ That people and attitudes can change overnight…

~ That cancellations and change are inevitable.. esp. for me this past week it seems.

~ Some people are just idiots… and I really don’t know why I waste my time on them…

~ Some men just never will grow up and step up and be the father to the children they created…

~ I have a decent sense of style.. tho my style may differ from anyone and everyone else… I am me. and that’s all I can be.

~ That I hate having to ground my kids from things that I want them to do for fun… but I have to be the grown mature adult… and ground them if need be.

~ That I am craving veggies and fruits lately.

~ That my tastes for foods has changed so much in just the past 5 years!!! I love it!

~ That God is good.

Hope ya’ll have a wonderful LONG weekend!!!  I will try to post things over the weekend…. But no promises… but I do have a My MAMA Style post scheduled for Monday… so def. check it out J

Blessings N Hugs
Overthinking Mama

Thursday, May 26, 2011

after a night...

This is us after a night playing outside with my kids... Lil man and I play catch while baby girl jumped in puddles.... and she made it look so fun... me and Lil man decided to join her!

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come on 5pm friday...

So… L My camera on my phone broke… it sucks… I loved that thing… I have insurance but I really don’t have an extra $100 for the deductable.. so I dunno what to do… guess Ill just have to old school it and start using my camera for everything! Lol.

I have a busy busy busy weekend planned this weekend and I totally can’t wait!!

Friday thinking about going out karaokeing… but then who knows… lol.

Saturday- farm market for some yummy fruits and veggies… then home to clean my yard/mulch/mow… and at some time throw in a baseball game… not really sure when that will happen since the time is apparently up in the air till I dunno when… so as far as I know that whole day could be thrown out the window. L

Sunday- Planning a lil cook out.  Dunno who’s coming… but ill be there with my hotdogs and buns! Lol.

Monday-  A whole lotta nottin.

Went to Salvation Army thrift store on my lunch…  got some cute dress pants… a men’s dress shirt that I plan on either wearing as a dress… or possibly a halter top of some sorts. I got a couple clutch purses and a cute little belt because I really don’t have any belts. And I only spent $12.50. 

OH.. and at some point this weekend, I am planning on redoing my kitchen table!! Yaya! I can’t wait to do that!! J

Now if 5pm on Friday will just hurry up and be here… I will be all happy!! J

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

wordless Wednesday

Monday brought us tornado warnings, hail, and some beautiful yet eerie skies.
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Copy and Paste- A stolen blog post :-)

So I completely stole this post from Hanna at Daily Ventings and Exclamations (with her permission of course). I love this... and completely agree with her!! I love to be able to reply to comments... but I hate to leave a comment on my own post in response to your comments because well... i doubt you come back to that post that you have already read just to filter through all of the comments to see if i reply... this way below... would just make life so much easier :-)  Check it out and I hope you plan on doing it too :-)  
Blessings N Hugs
Overthinking Mama

love your comments! And so many times, well most of the time, I also reply to your comments! I love going into my email, reading your comments & being able to hit reply & send you a note back. Sometimes, though when I hit reply instead of an email address I can reply to I see the dreaded noreply-comment@blogger.com instead! That means that user does not have their profile set up with an email address, so whenever you leave a comment for a blogger they are unable to respond directly to you...

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

1/2 day Tuesday...

I get to leave work at noon today…  I had mixed feelings about and honestly was slightly irritated with the whole situation… but it is what it is… and its all good now… 

My plans for today??!! Clean!! Lol.  I am going to do a major clean of my kids bedrooms… as in closets, drawers, under the beds… etc…   and that also means since I am the one cleaning out the rooms… things get thrown out or put into the garage sale pile in the garage.  The kids hate this because their stuff get throw out… but I only do this once or twice a year… and only after I have told them repeatedly to clean and organize their rooms themselves.  

So why am I leaving early??  I don’t have a sitter… I had two lined up… because I knew one would bale on me… and I was right… He did… lol.   but sadly so did my second one… so now… I have to take a half vacay day. My baby girl is with her grampy this morning.. but he can only watch her till noon… so I am off then and get to spend the rest of the afternoon cleaning with her… fun fun fun.  I think  I might also take the rugs out side to be cleaned too… possibly…  right now I wish I had a clothes line outside so I could wash the sheets and then hang them outside… I guess I will add that to my list of things I want this summer… J

This evening baby girl has a ice cream social for her preschool and then lil man had a music performance at school… It should all be fun!! J 

Ton’s of pictures to come I am sure. J

Happy Tuesday Ya’ll

Blessings N Hugs
Overthinking Mama

Ps. Thank you everyone who voted for me on Circle of Moms… tho I did not make it into the top 25… I still do appreciate everyone who took a moment and voted for me!!!  I was very close and that means a lot that you cared enough and like me that much J

My- MAMA Style

My- MAMA Style

Top- forever 21 $6.50
Tank- C28  $5.99
Jeans- forever 21  $10.50
Boots- thrifted    $9.99 

Sorry for the crappy full lenth pic… will try and do better next time J

Being a single mom, having to work 2 jobs and also going to school… I don’t have ton’s of time for shopping nor do I have ton’s of money.  I have started going to thrift stores on my lunch and spending about 20-30 min looking for clothes…  When I do have a little bit more free time I head out to the mall in the next city (the one here just doesn’t have a good selection of stores) which is about 20 min away…  I know there are a few stores out there that have really cute clothes at great prices.  I don’t like to spend over $20 for any single item… and honestly try to keep it under $10 if at all possible. Forever 21, Rue 21 and Charlotte Russe are my 3 top favorite stores. All three have really cute clothes at pretty good prices!  

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dear Baby Girl 5/23/11

Dear Baby Girl.
You are growing up so fast!! It been forever since I’ve wrote anything to you…  You are a little princess… and a drama queen!! OMG!!

You tell everyone when you grow up you want to be a Mommy.  You want to have 3 kids… 2 girls and a boy… Kyanna, Susie, and Bryce.  Lol. I have no idea where you got any of those names from… I don’t know anyone with those names!!  You def. have your own personality and your own ideas on life.

You love your brother so much… and he loves you too. You want to be just like him in so many ways… and love wrestling with him on the floor… and its funny cuz you will pin him!!  

I feel so bad for you at times tho… when you tell me things like you miss your daddy or you tell someone that your daddy doesn’t want to see you..  I wish you didn’t feel that way… and I wish he came around more. I promise you sweetie… It has nothing to do with you… its just the way your daddy is.  And as much as I wish at times I had never met your father… I couldn’t be happier about it because I have you in my life.  You and your brother are my world!!  I couldn’t live my world with out either of you…  I am going to go to court and get your last name changed…  You don’t know  your last name… it doesn’t have any meaning to you. You don’t know that family.  You have only met you Grandmother and the family in North Carolina one time… and it was because I took you to go see them. If it wasn’t for me… you probably wouldn’t know them at all.  But other than that… you don’t know your family so why should you have a family name…that is meaningless to you?!  I want you to have my last name… You know me.. I am always there for you and I always will be.

You have such a great imagination and have such an artistic talent… its crazy!!  You love to draw and to sing… at any given time you are doing one or the other!  For your birthday you asked for a guitar from grammy- tho you didn’t get it until Christmas… but you love that guitar!!   
You have your own senxe of style too… and on non-school days, I let you pick out your own outfits… and its def. different…  dresses with skirts under neither… pink heart polka dotted pants with a brown star polka dotted skirt and a inside out green shirt and pink cowboy boots… you love your cowboy boots!! J

I love you so much baby girl… you and your brother complete my life.

God Bless You

Love- Mommy

weekend full of cancellations...

This past weekend has been full of cancellations... starting Friday all the way till just 5 minutes ago… who knew I would ever have to deal with so many people canceling on me and/or my family.   Oh well… makes us better people right??!!

The biggest let down was my daughters father… he was supposed to get her over night Saturday…  I let him know she really didn’t want to but I was going to have her go anyway because she needs to spend time with her daddy… and I force my son to go to his dad’s even when he doesn’t want to.  I got a text after he got off work that their plans had changed and wasn’t going to a kids bday party after all and would get her Sunday… never heard from him till Sunday at 330… and that’s after I text him Saturday night to find out details about Sunday… and called him 2x Sunday before and after church to find out more of what was going on… and guess what… he didn’t get her Sunday either.. said he would get her on Tuesday… well I just got a text from him saying.. sorry. Gotta work. REALLY?? What a shocker there.. I so wish I wouldn’t bet someone a million dollars that he wouldn’t get her.. cuz I so woulda won that bet!  Oh well… live and learn and move on… The sad thing is… when I told baby girl that she wasn’t going to her dads this weekend…. She said to me “oh thank you mommy… I didn’t want to go.”  Sad. L

Over all tho… the weekend wasn’t that bad..  Lil Man had baseball ALL day Saturday. He pitched two innings and I prayed for him the whole time… and God heard and answered my prayers… Lil Man did awesome pitching!!!  He struck two guys out and caught a grounder and got the guy out at first!!   He threw strikes and awesome pitches…  and I think he may have only walked a couple guys!!! (compaired to the home opener he started and walked like 15.)

That morning before all the baseball ... i took the kids thru MCD's for some breakfast... and had this urge to pay for the person's order behind me... so i did... I dunno what happened after that.. cuz I got my food and left... I hope that they passed the niceness along and got the next person's food... but who knows...  tho i hade a sinking feeling about it... :-(  
At lil man's first baseball game...  I had a lady come up and talk to me about Scentsy...and placed an order!! Then a couple other girls heard me talking about it and asked me... and they are going to do a party!! Yay!!!  

I am going to start a new (probably) weekly mama style post. I have seen a bunch of stay at home mom style posts and non mom style posts lately.. that I thought I would throw my card in that hat and do a MY- MAMA STYLE post as a  working full time and part time and school part time... single mom of two kids... and still have my own- hip in my mind- style post. :-) So keep a look out for that this week- probably tomorrow.   

Edward's always got to be up there with them!! 

Baby girl picked me a flower 

sis at the game

me and baby girl at the game

friday night fire with the kids n my friends

roasting marshmellows


Pey's hotstove team
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Blessings N Hugs
Overthinking Mama

Friday, May 20, 2011

Our Secret Closte

Well I have finally got my used clothing site up... a little at a time right??  There is only like 6 items on there... and I am still learning how to do things and how I want to do things and all that... But please go and check it out and if you have any questions or comments or advise please let me know... I can use all the help I can get!! haha.. 

Also if you have anything you want to sell and would like to put it up on the site, just let me know and I will post it for ya! :-)  

I am thinking maybe... if this goes good... opening an actual store for things... :-) especially now that I love going to thrift stores and have found some great things there!! :-)  
Here's the site:   OUR SECRET CLOSET 

Have a great weekend!! 

Blessings and Hugs!!
Overthinking Mama 

Realization Friday

It’s Friday… and even tho I am really not in the bestest moods… I wanted to do my favorite post of the week!!! Yay!!!

I am also considering doing a weekly/bi-weekly style post.. I have seen so many different blogs I follow do style post for things they wear… so many I will do the same… not that I really have a cute style or anything… but maybe this will inspire me to find my style… which right not and don’t get me wrong I love it… is more of a mod-podge of styles… not just one type of style fits me… I am a mutt of style… and I love it.

This week… I have come to realize:

~ that my friends are crazy…

~ that I am the “standby/rebound” chic for a lot of my guy friends… when they are single and have no girl interest in their life… they are all about being friends with me… but once they get a girl interst… they kinda seem to forget me…

~ I think I might really need to go see a doc and get on some medicine for this depression… L

~ I keep praying that I will feel better… and I know God is here with me helping me thru it all.. but maybe I really do need meds?!

~  I want to run away somewhere… I don’t care where… I just want to be away from here.

~ I am trying to think positive… be happy… but somedays… like today… Its just so hard.

~ I don’t think I have ever really felt like I was fighting for my sanity or my happiness like I am now… depression stinks.

~ I just want to be held…

~ today will be a good day… this weekend will be great..

Blessings and Hugs!!
Overthinking Mama 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

wordless Wednesday

What day is it?

I know I have been slacking the last few days…
Monday we all played hookie.. I stayed home from work.. the kiddos stayed home from school and we just spent the day together. It was wonderful.  We all slept in till like 1030 and then I got up and made up breakfast. Chocolate Chip Waffles, chocolate sauce and bananas. Yum.  Well that’s what I ate anyway.. the kids weren’t as enthused about it as I thought they would be. J  Then we watched movies, played xbox, baked cookies. It was just a great day!

This whole past weekend was just wonderful . I spent some great time with my kids… I think they really liked it and I felt like we definitely got closer!  I can’t wait to have a weekend like that again.

Now my whole week feels messed up tho.. because of the extra day off… and then with all the rain.. my baseball schedule is off too. We were supposed to have Lil Man’s school baseball team game tonight at 515…that got cancelled because of the rain… Still dunno yet about Little League…  Tomorrow was supposed to be an off day… but now he’s got a school team practice… a game on Friday night and then Saturday was supposed to be a little league game at noon and now he’s also got a school team game at the same time!! Gggrrrr…  I feel all discombobulated. Lol. 

Baby girl’s daddy just text me and asked me if he could have her Saturday night and Sunday…. I am at complete loss of words…   but I also won’t hold my breath… L  I really want her to go… but I am also scared. Lol. She hasn’t been over there in over a year… let alone stayed the night over there in longer than that. I hope she will do ok. I haven’t had both of my kids gone with their fathers… at the same time…. I don’t think ever!!!  I don’t think I will know what to do with myself!! J  But again… I am not going to hold my breath.. lol.

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

just thinking...

I try not to think about this… I try not to dwell on it… but somedays… sometimes… my mind goes there and my heart follows the downward path.

I have faith in my Father! I know HE has a plan. And I am trying to be patient…

I want a family. I know I have a family… and I cherish what I have more than anything else in this world.  But I want my family completed. I want a husband. A father. A friend.  I want my kids to grow up with two parents in their home. I want them to see the love between me and my husband… and know. Know that it is love. 

But I have yet to meet that man.  The man to complete the family the way I need him to. The man to complete me the way I need him to.  The Lord has brought some great men into my life in the past few years to show me love… show me what I want from a man… and even more importantly… what I do not want from a man.  I have finally after 28years of my life… know what its like to fully feel love from a man. I have never felt loved like I did when I was with him. At times I am scared I will never feel that kind of love again. But I know God has a plan. And I am faithful of that.  I know God has my husband in mind for me… I just have to be patient because I will meet him in the Lords time… Not in mine.

Have a great weekend!

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Our Local Walmart...

Email from a friend: 

So I go into Walmart at lunch to buy some items that I was going to get last week, but I figured I would wait because they didn't have everything in stock so I figured give it a few days and go back.
I went back today and they're in , but 4 of the 5 items didn't have the shelf price tag out. So I ran them through the scanner and they are now $1.50 - $3.25 more -about a 10% increase. WTF!!!   What happened to Rollbacks????   So I'll show them I won't buy anything and then they'll go out of business.

So as I'm on my way out ready to strangle the greeter I am walking through the parking lot and I notice this little tiny Chevy Aveo in front of my car ,but diagonal to mine.  In the front seat is this young girl in her 20's and in the passenger seat is an old guy (probably 38ish) when I notice her climb over the console and all I see is two bright white cheeks and nothing else from the waist down. She proceeds onto the old fart and like the horsey rides they used to have in front of K-Mart years ago, drops her quarter and goes for the 3 minute pony ride.

Now she doesn't know that I can see her but she can't see me and the gentleman thing for me to do is get in my car, make sure my windshield is clean and just sit there in case she needs more quarters. Actually she had her shirt on so you really could see anymore. What she doesn't know is there are cameras on every third pole in that lot and the security guard has probably paged 6 times for another case of Kleenex to the security booth for the pole in there.

Then just as I was feeling guilty and started to slowly get in my car, a pickup truck with three guys pulls in right -and I mean right next to them. Suddenly those white cheeks catapult back to the driver's seat and that little P.O.S car flies out of that lot faster than a bottle-rocket (hope she finds her shorts before she hits something and hope they're not cloth seats),... although there is a car wash at the end. I'm guessing she pay the $12 for the deluxe clean & mirror air freshener.

I don't think she got her quarter's worth, but I'm not as angry now over the price increases. They have to pay for the entertainment somehow. 
I think I'm going back tomorrow to see if  Walmart's-Got-Talent is holding more auditions. I like being the judge.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lil Man's birthday (belated post)

This past Sunday we celebrated my Lil Man’s 9th birthday!!!  I was going to post yesterday but didn’t get the chance to L.  We focused more on his birthday than mother’s day… because if it wasn’t for him… I wouldn’t have been called mother for the last 9 years!!

I still can’t believe its been 9 years already!!!  I still remember the day he was born. Perfectly.  The day before I went to the doc for my weekly check up. He did the normal checking of everything and realized I was 1cm dialated. He said alright. We will induce you tomorrow. I jumped at it!! I was so ready to get that baby out of me. Looking back (and same with my daughter… I wish just a lil bit that I waited for it all to happen naturally.) I was already on maternity leave so I didn’t have to worry about that but I had to tell my fiancé and let him know he needed to get at least the next day off.  I was to be down at the hospital at 7am the next morning.   That night I walked a couple miles with my mom and my puppy… hoping maybe to get things started naturally… Nothing… When my fiancé got home from work (he worked 2nd shift) we stayed up and chatted some and then went to lay down… my puppy came up to me and started scratching at my belly almost like trying to dig the baby out. He knew! J  The next morning I was so tired… I woke up late and didn’t make it to the hospital till like 730/800. Yea. Im always late! Lol. I got in and they got me into a room.  Started IV’s and everything with me… at 930 they started the pitocin.  Everything was cool. My mom and my fiancé went down to the cafeteria and got some food.. They came back in and ate in front of me!!! I was so hungry… and the food smelled so good. Ugh.  The nurse came in and asked how I was do. I told her fine. She asked me if I was having any contractions… I told her I was. She asked me if I was in any pain. I told her nope I was good.  She checked me out and they decided to break my water… it was about 1030 or so.  As soon as the water broke… I. felt. Every. Single. Contraction. OMG!  She came back in a lil bit later and asked if I wanted an epidural. I said yes!!!  They came back in and got me all set up with that.  And everything was so much more better!  They came in and talked about putting a cathereter in me because of the epidural. I really didn’t want that. So I asked what did I have to do to not get it.. They said Pee. So I did. In the bedpan of course. As my mom took my picture! (I love my family).  A bit later the nurse came in and said it was time… She went and called the doc and then  came in and got everything set up. The doc showed up  The nurse held one leg/knee up towards my chest… she had my mom hold the other and my fiancé right next to my head. The doc told my fiancé to count for me to push, count to ten. He counted in his head. LOL . The doc looked at him and said you need to count outloud. She needs to be able to hear you. J  He started counting… another nurse yelled from the door- Sweetie theres a gentleman out here with a cane and glasses, he says he’s your father do you want him to come in??  At that point I didn’t care who seen me with my legs spread open and all my lady parts hanging out…. I just wanted that baby out. So he came in and my mom started to feel faint- She asked my dad to take over holding my leg and he did…  The baby started coming out… the doc had to do an episiotomy (they cut a slit from my vagina to my butthole) and omg!!! That hurt so bad. At that moment I let out a moan and the nurse is like sweetie- no point in crying out now.. we are almost done you haven’t made a sound this whole time! I wanted to punch her. Lol. 
Lil Man  5/8/02 7lbs 5oz
At 1234 my precious Lil Man was born. They put him on my stomach and I started crying. I was so happy!! That was the best moment of my life.  

Its been 9 years. 9 years of loving. 9 years of learning. Of ups and downs. Happy times. Sad times. Of times where I questioned my parenting skills. Where I felt like I was a failure. Where I felt like I got this. I am a good mom.  9 years of being a mom. 9 years dedicated to my Lil Man.

I love you Lil Man!! 

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama