Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Sunday Post

This is probably a first time... in a very very very long time that I have posted on a Sunday... But I just got this urge to type something up.. I will  apologize for any errors in spelling or typing.. I am on a new Laptop and this is honestly the first time I have used it really for anything.  :-)

This weekend has been pretty awesome. Friday we went out. It started out that I was kinda no in the mood. I had planned a night out (and I am realizing that if I don't plan it... no one else will) with my sis, and my two best friends. Well my two best friends bailed on my me.. and then the one felt bad and decided to come along. But it turned out to be an epic night. My sisters friends came up there there and my other besties boyfriends (tho I wish I could hang out with her as much as I do her bf). We sang karaoke and danced and it was just awesome. Of course I paid for that on Saturday. :-( UGH!! But I did finish up my own personal shopping for Christmas!! Yay!!! So now I just have to go and finish up shopping for my dad since he can't really get out and do it himself. And sorry everyone.. its gonna be a gift card kinda Christmas!!  I can't wait to give my parents their gifts!!! I know they will love it and be in shock over it!!!! But they deserve it!!!  Last night I ended up kid free and I went to bed at 10pm!!!  (yea i felt old!! haha)
I didn't get up till 11 this morning!!!! WTH!! So I ended up missing church :-( which really disappointed me... but the Lord is so good... He still spoke with me this morning!! And I am so thankful that I heard him!! This past week has been hell.  And I had seriously started doubting that God has someone out there for me...just in the midst of me being down... I felt very alone.. and started doubting.. Part of me now still wonders if I ever will find someone... but my faith is stronger than it was last week... I know that even if I am to remain single forever.. that HE is here with me... He is all I need. I dont need a man to help with eveyrthing...I have the Lord and His strength.. HE will get me thru every storm!!!
Alright.. I am going to go take my dog for a walk! In the freezing temps! lol.

Have a great Sunday!!!

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama

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