Tuesday, June 14, 2011


baby girl on the trampoline

I had so much I wanted to blog about yesterday I just didnt really have the motivation.  I have been getting a headache a day for 7 days now it stinks  yesterdays lasted all the way till I went to bed only letting up some when I was outside jumping on the trampoline with my baby girl and my puppy Edward I couldnt stop laughing at my goofy dog He kept trying to jump up on my as I am jumping. If I feel he was right there licking my face which made me laugh even harder which made him aim his tounge right for my mouth.. lovely huh?! But it was fun.

baby girl and Edward
Before bed last night I prayed and read the bible.. I asked God to speak to me in those words that were written and He did!  I opened up to Ruth. I dont even know what chapter it was off hand. But It fit perfectly into my life.  It pretty much was saying that Gods got a plan for my life even tho I cant see how it all ends up He has a plan for me. And I need to quit trying to figure it out and worry about it all.  And I need to focus on Him and not Me so much. Ruth is one of my most favorite book of the bible, along with Job and John.

This weekend was actually pretty good. Got to spend it with some great friends some new and some that I havent hung out with in awhile. I painted my kitchen table with Chalkboard paint.. and the inside of my front door I am trying to figure out what else I can paint now lol.  I also got a couple of surprises in the mail on Friday... A letter and a gift of a cross (i collect crosses to hang on my wall) and then also the headband that I won from Mandi at She Breathes Deeply and Bevin from All is Right and Rosa Luminosa!!  I was so excited. I have a pic of my headband.. but not the cross.. (one goal of mine is to take more pics... of everything) 
such a cute headband!! 

Tomorrow I am planning on going to to our local Quaker Steak. They are having a free country concert so I am really looking forward to that. J
my kitchen table.

Tonight my mom and I are going to Crocker Park or crapper park as my baby girl called it just to walk around get some dessert and hang out.. We havent really had a chance to do this for awhile.. If it wasnt me in school than it was lil man in baseball Just not enough time in the week.

front door - before i took the tape off
I am going to do a post this week on my summer goals J keep a look out.  Also I got My-MAMA Style post I need to get done.. tho its not that cutest outfit I got but it was what I had on yesterday.. lol.

dinner at moms.. yum. 
Blessings N Love
my lil miss diva
Overthinking Mama 

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