Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Hump Day... celebrate it responsibly.

Ive been wanting to write/post something for the last couple days.. but either I wasn't in a good mood... or I was tired... or I just couldnt think of anything to write... period.. mind was blank...   

So its Wednesday... Hump day!!! The week is almost over!! yay!!  My bf is planning on coming up tomorrow night after work.. which will be nice... I will get an extra day with him! :-) 

I finally got my plates yesterday for my car!  This whole thing with my car has been a horrific experiance!! If you have a choice as to where to buy a vehicle from...  DO NOT BUY FROM MONTROSE AUTOGROUP!!  I have never had so many issues with buying a vehicle in my lifetime!!! and this is the 4th car I have bought from a dealer. 
I went the end of Feb to go look at a Kia Rio. My 01 Honda Accord had some issues... and overall it would be cheaper to buy a new vehicle.  But I had a lot of negative equity... so I went as inexpensive as possible with a car... so I found a 09 brand new Kia Rio.  Nice little car... Cute, inexpensive, a lot of nice perks, perfect for what I need!  So I did my homework first... and on a Saturday me and my bff Leisa went in there to look... Now I should have known at that point... this was just going to be an odd experiance...  I had to ask to see the car... the salesman didn't even offer... I had to ask to take it for a test drive... and he didnt ask for a DL or proof of insurance... he just handed me the keys... and away we went... hhmm... he didnt know anything about me at all.. but trusted me with a new car... smart!!  So we came back and I said I wanted it... So we started paperwork... He said he would let me know on Monday about everything since the banks were closed and what not...  He called me on Sunday, just to tell me the same exact thing. Monday morning I got a call from him saying that he hit a snag and I needed to come up with $500 down payment... I told him I didnt think that would be possible...  and why wasn't I told this on Saturday when I was there...  he said he would call me back... about 20 minutes later another gentleman fromt he dealership called and said he was the one I was supposed to talk to and that the original sales guy was new and didnt really know what to do...  and then went on to tell me that eveyrthing the original sales guy told me was wrong...  so... after about 10 hrs of calls back and forth or arguing... I got back to the original aggreement... finally went to go sign the papers and pick up the car...  3 days later, I got another call from the sales guy that I needed to bring in 2 current check stubs. So I got those together and sent them up there...  Then about a week later I get a call that I need to submitt my W2... So I fax that to the credit company... Then a week later I get a call again saying that I still need to do that... I informed them that I already did and that I have proof that It was faxed... They said ok... A week later I got another call saying I needed another current pay stub... I never submitted another one... I was tired of the BS. So 30days later and my tags are about to expire... I go up to the DMV to get my plates... and yea.. I needed the memorandum title.. which I still didnt receive... So I called the dealership and asked if it had been sent out yet... they said not because the loan just went thru... 27days after I took the car home!!! WTH!!  I told them that my 30day tags were about to expire and that I needed that. She promised me she would send it out to me UPS overnight and I would get it next day... The next day, I called and left messages to make sure it shipped... finally after calling another dealership to complain... i got a call back and said it was sent out... ugh... So I finally got my plates... and everything is cool... but  I did take the plate protectors things that said MONTROSE on it... yea... i took them off... im done!  

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


i got twins again! lol

Post It Note Tuesday: Ugh kinda day.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Realization Fridays

Ive come to realize that even the most perfect looking relationships on the outside have a lot of issues on the inside.

Ive come to realize that this no drinking coffee for lent sucks! Its harder than I thought

Ive come to realize life almost will never be what you think it should be.

Ive come to realize that i really want to go back to school but I'm not sure how ready I am- so maybe Ill just go for a simpler goal like real estate license... Ive always had a passion for homes and it will be a shorter... quicker goal?!

Ive come to realize that I really love to write.

Ive come to realize that no man is perfect... in fact most men are far from perfect.

Ive come to realize that you sometimes gotta take the bad along with the good.. but need to focus on the good more than the bad.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

rambling on Thursday.

I have a Tastefully Simple Party tontie! I hope it turns out good... I am nervous... I hate being in front of people.. even if they are my friends... lol. and I know I will be laughed at too.. but I dont really care too much about that... I can laugh at myself.. no problem.
The weather is nasty out tho.. so that might stop some people from coming.. but I hope now... I know my bff and her cuz are coming.. so I know at least with them there it will be a good time... and all in all.. my house is clean! :-)

I just looked up online to find out how much plates are going to cost for my car... $80!! I cant believe that!! OH well.. gotta do it! I just need to find all the paper work I need to take up to the BMV.. thats one thing I will be doing on my lunch tomorrow. I am hoping to maybe also be able to to go and get my hair trimmed... but we shall see.

I am planning on going to visit the BF tomorrow after dinner with the fam. I am really looking forward to seeing him... I just hope the kids are good for me... esp sissy... and that I can get a decent nights sleep. The last time I took her.. I barely slept at all cuz she wasnt used to the new place and the new bed and all... hopefully this time will be better.

I need to get a set way to post on here... like have a certain type of post that I do on a certain day of the week... Like the Post-it Note Tuesdays... I know I am going to do Ive come to realize... Fridays.... Maybe Ill do a Overthinking Mama Monday... where I vent about something I really over thought! lol. and a rambling on Thursday where I jsut talk about anything and everything... lol. wait i do that normally. hhmm... any suggestions??

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

baby girls pic

my 3yrs olds family portrait

Just write what I feel

... that is what my boyfriend told me to do today... I told him that I felt like writing.. but I didnt know about what... a lot of my blogs seem to start out like that... I just feel like writing... :-)

Me and my boyfriend B had a great talk last night.... I feel like it brought me closer to him... which is scary... I will admit that I was trying to keep up a wall... cuz I dont want to be hurt anymore... I have delt with enough hurt in just the past 4 years that I dont want to go through it again... but then I also know that if I dont let him in... I will never be able to be happy. So I am.. little by little ... because he is a great guy... one of the best guys I have ever dated.

My hair is bugging me at the moment... I washed it last night, instead of this morning... and now its starting to get greasy and is just clinging to my neck.. and its bugging me! lol. I was thinking about getting it cut... a lot short.. but I also want to let it grow longer... tho the longest my hair has been that I can remember was just past my shoulders and that was about 5yrs ago..

Wow... I cant believe that its been 5yrs since I got divorsed! That still boggles my mind the way that time goes... and its been almost 5yrs since I met Travis... I look back... and so much of my past is focused around that point... The point when I met Travis... and then the relationship that devolped from that point... all the love... the hurt.. the pain.. the lonliness.. the the most precious lil baby girl ever... No man - no... NO ONE has ever hurt me the way that man did. My heart still aches just thinking about it all... I don't want to get into it today... but one good thing I can say tho... is if it wasnt for him... and the pain/lonliness/heartbreak that I felt... I wouldnt be saved... I know everyone always blames God when bad things happen.. when people die, when something horrific happens... but I dont... I know there is a plan behind it all.. I have seen it so much in my own life that it is crazy... sometimes I think you have to be LOW and on your knees to be able to realize that you need God in your life... that you can't do it all alone.. and you never have... God is there... I mean when you are at a high point in your life... do you really call out to God for thanks? for help? to praise?? But whats the first thing you think when you are Low?? why did God let this happen?? maybe so you would call to him once more? Thats my thoughts anyway.

Peys got a detention tonite for being late to school... I feel bad because I know part of it is my fault.. I need to get us up earlier in the mornings... and I have actually started to do that ! yay me! but Pey also has a hard time moving and remembering things in the mornings... so it slows us down a bit to..
I swear I dont know how I did it a couple years ago.. I would get myself up and dress, Pey dress and Sissy dressed in 20minutes!! I can't do that now!!
I need to get Sissy more into dressing herself in the mornings.. Pey was in 1st grade before he started doing it himself. I dont want to go thru that with her.. I want her to be more independent that her brother was. Its amazing how much things change from kid to kid... the more you know I guess! :-)
I got Pey signed up for Little League last week.. so that will be starting in May.. I can't wait.. I love watching him play baseball. I always have such a good time. This will be his first year playing baseball. The last 3 years he's played t-ball.. and he is always been really good. I cant wait to start throwing the ball around to him and helping him with all of that.
I am going to get Sissy signed up for gymnastics hopefully Monday or so. I think she will love it.. She is always bouncing around, doing flips, the splits, and kartwheels... so I think she will be good at it...
Pey was so cute last night.. My mom was talking about reading the bible.. and he was like well I dont read it very often cuz I dont understand things... So my mom told him that he can always ask me or call her with any questions... And he was like and it talked about the s word... My mom asked him ... whats the S word... He spelled it out S-E-X.. lmbo! He was like.. its nasty. LOL!! I was cracking up... My mom said that she hopes he keeps thinking like that till he's 16 or older... I hate to say it... but I dont. Not that I want him to go out and being having sex with all the lil girlys or anything... bbbbuuuutttt... I want him to be a normal teenage boy! I want him to want girls... and have the normal thoughts about them... and I hope that he will feel like he can come to me with any questions or anything in regards to all of that... (tho I have a feeling he wont becuase he is too self consious and afraid of how I would react.. either bad by getting upset.. or laughing cuz I find it funny). I think I knew about sex when I was around 5-6 yrs old.. I dont think I understood it completely.. but I knew... and I first understood about things when I was around 7 or8 because I think that was when I first masterbated.. TMI? lol. but anyway.. change of subject.

i am a little irritated tho... The bday gift I bought for my bf bday is still in processing.. I ordered it Sunday and it hasnt even shipped yet. :-( so I don't think he will get it by his birthday. I am sad now.. I know I should have ordered it earlier.. but honestly I didn't think of this till Saturday night/Sunday morning! I think he will like it anyway... even if it is late!

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

my princess

i have twins... lol. shes goofy! like her mama.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

its spring!!

ive got flowers growing!!!

baby girl

she's so happy to b able to b outside!!

So Whats New??

The typical question between my bff Leisa and I ... We talk everyday almost via email or texting but there are some times it just feels like we dont talk or see each other.. other than the "hi, how are you" type of stuff... so this blog post is for her. :-)

Well lets see where to start..

I am in a really great mood... The week I started out in a very depressed mood.. a lot of things going thru my head and things that I know will happen in the future.. possibly the near future.. kinda have me down. But I am doing much better now.. it was weird.. Monday or Tuesday.. just driving back to work from my lunch.. I had an overwhelming feeling that God is going to take care of eveything and that it will all be alright.. I dont need to worry about anything.

I am reading Breaking Dawn- the 4th book in the Twilight Saga... I am addicted.. it is really good.. I will be sad tho too when the book is over :-( but I cant wait for it to come out on video!! There is definetely some unexpected twists!!

I am excited for my Tastefully Simple party next week.. tho I am nervous too.. I am half tempted to have a beer before hand just to loosen up a lil bit! lol. but I know I can't do that! lol. Tho I am serving one of the bucket drinks... Watermelon flavored... just add water, vodka, and freeze!! I am excited to taste that!!

I still hate First Merit.. I swear the more and more I have to deal with them.. the more I dislike them... I am so glad that I moved my main accounts!

OH!!! and Montrose Kia isnt exactly on my fav list right now either... I am still having issues with them needing my W2! I sent it over to the credit company, but once again... the dealer called me Monday looking for it... I told him I already sent it to the credit company... and he was just 'oh.. oh ... ok.. thanks" ! WTH!

I ordered stuff from Scentsy. I seen someone on Facebook selling it and their profits are going to help Office Kerstetters' family... so I ordered a plug in warmer and a scented block to melt in it! It was only like $17.... I am excited to get it... I was thinking about selling Scentsy... I have heard a lot of great things about it!

I should also be getting that outfit I ordered from Costume Craze tomorrow.. I cant wait to try it on.. Ill send ya a pic :-)

And I should also be getting my Tastefully Simple stuff for the party this weekend too!! Its gonna feel like Christmas at my house!! :-)

The kids are doing good... I feel like I am more in control of them lately.. its weird.. I am sticking to what I say.. and I think it is starting to pay off more ... maybe Brian is a good influence on me in some ways!

I am going up to see him Sat. We are going to the casino in I think WV. I hope its good.. I am not big into gambling or anything like that... and really get bored easily there.. well at least the last time I went to a casino I did... but who knows... we shall see...

I am thinking about maybe going for a walk tonite... If we decide to.. you Bella and Brutus should come along! lol. That should be fun to watch!!

Oh I am off tomorrow.. My friend Matt from Seattle, WA is coming into town and we are gonna hang out some... Not sure exactly what we are doing..but you can still text me... and I am sure I will still be tweeting! lol.

I so want a cup of coffee... I feel like I have been walking around in a fog for the last few weeks till at least noon because I havent gotten my coffee fix in the morning!! Oh and some chocolate chip cookies sound so good right now too!! mmmmm....

My stepdad lost his job Tuesday... so things over there havent been the greatest... Its a long story there... more than I can post about. But I just keep praying for him.

I talked to Pam yesterday.. Ya know... we havent had a girls night in a while... we need to do that...

Ok.. I think that is about it for now... :-)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010


I love twitter. My friends think i am crazy... but i do. Its my sanity.. its my release.. and I have met some really great people on Twitter!! Some of them I will never forget and some I think we will have a great friendship.. even if its only via emails and tweets...

One of my first friends was MattAiello
His mom and I had talked off and on and she suggested I start following him... We have had a few hiccups thru the past year... but we have remained friends and I am actually hoping to meet him come next week! :-)

Then theres LatteLoveMommy I dont remember if I followed her first or she followed me.. or how exactly our friendship started... but it did :-) and I am so glad for it.. She been there for me when Ive needed to vent.. I think i have been there for her when she's needed to vent... oh and did i mention.. Shes got a blog too : LatteLoveMommy She's a great mom and wife.. and now a great friend!!

I met Atlmomguide thru LatteLoveMommy and am so glad that I did. She is an inspiration to me... I dont know her other than from her tweets and her blog.. But I can tell she is an amazing woman! Check out her blog:

Another wonderful Chic is Trinalina. She is an amazing woman of God and has been a great friend so far.. She is a wonderful dog mommy too!! :-) She is always there to tweet me encouraging things or to help calm me down!!

Theres Percherondance... we dont tweet back and forth as much as we used to... but she is a wonderful woman of God and I feel blessed knowing her. OH.. and imagine that... she has a blog too!!

I met Notmommojo from Atlmomguide... She reminds me a lot me when I was younger (wow i sound old dont I?) but she's a great girl with a great man, great kids, and she's prego!! Congrats!!

And a wonderful woman of God.. Who is deeply an inspiration to me : SongintheNight. Her and her family have been thru some amazing stuggles in this life already.. and they have stood strong and kept their faith in the Lord. Definetely check out their story : and because I follow her on twitter... I was able to win her book!!! And now I am able to share her story with my family and friends :-)

These are just a few of the great people I have met on twitter!!!

God has brought these wonderful people into my life and I am so thankful for that...

and the next time you go to make fun of someone (ME) for being on twitter as much as I am... just remember I have these great people to talk to !! :-)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Challange

The Challange... if i choose to accept it (good chance i will) is to think more positive... focus on my blessings... dont look at life as the "glass half empty" but as its half full...

I have learned over the years that even tho I do try and look to the positive... I have a tendency to focus on the negativity.. focus on what I dont have and what other do have...

It really bothered me that my friends on facebook, twitter, real-life had these "perfect" lives... never anything negative in their status updates... perfect kids, man, house, etc... and it bugged me...

then i realized 2 things...

1- their life aint perfect.. and some far from perfect.. but they focused on the positive and that is why it seemed so good... even if it wasnt

2- thats coveting! i was coveting their life... i didnt even realize i was sinning!!!

So yesterday was my 28th birthday... and I told myself, I am going to become one of those positive people... I am going to try and look at everything with rose colored glasses on and make the best out of everything...
I already know I will faulter here and there... but even in less than the 24 hrs its been... I already feel better about life... its amazing how that happens!