Thursday, August 30, 2012

a long time ago

I woke up this morning thinking...about abortion. Not that I am having one or even considering one or anything like that.. but just thinking about all those poor innocent babies. And How sad it is in this day in age that most people dont really give it a second thought.. its just another solution to a problem.

Then I started wondering how many people do I know that have had an abortion that I don't even know??  I only know of one person. wait. thats wrong. I forgot, I know of a few.  But one person stands out. We were in highschool and she was one of my closest friends. I was in my senior year and she was a few years younger.  She got pregnant... and wasn't ready.  The boys parents had money so they paid for the solution to that problem.  I still remember that like it was yesterday and I wasn't even with her.  
When I woke up on the morning that she was going I felt sick. Just knowing that she was doing this.. I felt sick. I couldn't go to school. There was no way.  I was shaking. I wanted to cry. I can only imagine what she felt like.  I laid in bed for a while listening to the radio and a commercial came on.. about abortion support... a counseling service that would help you find another solution to the "problem" than murder.  I got up and ran to the phone. I called them and told them my friends story. I even gave them her number to call to see if they could talk to her.  It was too late tho.
I was so down and depressed that day.

The crazy thing... NO ONE has ever known about that till now. No one knew how I felt just being her friend and knowing.  I never told her. I didnt want to lose her as a friend.  I never judged her. I never told her she was wrong. I did ask if this is really what she wanted. She said she really didnt have a choice.   I was still there for her.

I have no idea what brought that in to my mind this morning.  Why i felt the need to blog about it...

More and more every day I am realizing, I want a big family.  I want to share God's love with as many people I can.  I know I am not the best mom but I want more kids... whether they are mine by birth or not.   I want to be there for a child that may not normally have some one there for him or her.

anyway.. its time for me to get my kiddos up and ready for school. :-)

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama

I know that this post didnt really have a point or anything.. it was more of just a venting... but if you are struggling with something.. abortion, cheating, death, pregnancy, being along, anything.. and you need something to talk to.. PLEASE email me. I will listen. I will try and help in any way that I can. Please dont ever think you are alone!!!  God loves you.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bedtime routines

I couldnt even focus on God time today because I actually had the motivation to blog this morning!!! This hasn't happened in forever.  So I am listening to some great worship music and I am pouring out my thoughts ... well some of them..  on here. :-)

Last night wasn't a great bedtime night. The kids are having a rough time getting into the routine of things.  Lil Man doesnt believe he should have a bed time. "He's not a baby anymore" He doesn't need a bed time. He can get up when he's supposed to.   yea... he's 10. He's getting a bedtime. 

Our bedtime routine for school was this: 
830- get snacks, drinks etc.
845-quiet time 
900 bed time

Yea... our routine is more like... 830 i start telling them if they want a snack. go get it.  845 still telling them. 900 threatening them with something to get their snacks. 915 finally getting into bed. 930 getting out of bed cuz they forgot something. 
Its very stressful!! 

Last night baby girl didnt go be sleep till after 1045. She just sat in her room and cryed for most of that time.saying she wanted something to drink.. she wanted a snack.. when she had already had both... then came them im starving mom. im thirsty mom... ugh.  

So starting tonight.  Games are getting shut off at 830. period.  I don't care if we don't get home till 815. Games off at 830.  Then is snack time and we will have some quiet time together, reading the bible or just talking or watching a quick show on tv or what not. 845/900 we will start heading to bed for tuck in and prayers.  Lil man is already throwing a fit saying he doesnt want to have quiet time with us. UGH. 

I just keep praying for my babies.  We have had our fair share of struggles in the past 5 years with bedtimes, school, behavior, hissy fits, etc....  We have finally made progress.. I refuse to go back.  I am not sure I can handle going back. lol.  

anywho... its time to get the munchkins up!!! 

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

first day of school!!!!

Today was the first day of school for my babies!!! 

They both seriously did amazing!!  I can't wait to see how their days went! 

She did not want to be bothered while playing. She would not look up at me for nothing for a pic!!!  gggrrrr. lol.  

I even found lil man's first day of kindergarten pic!!! aaawwww!!!! 

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

feeling down.

I woke up this morning feeling down. The plans I had today ended up being cancelled.  I was supposed to meet a man I have been talking with for a month or so. He had to cancel due to classes that he started on Monday and them having a class today.  I know its not his fault but I am still heartbroken to a point.  I get on facebook and see that a friend is having a baby... another is getting married... and I feel like everyone else is moving on with life... and me... I am just here. I feel like I am just stuck here.. like I am never going to "move on" from this place in life.  I know God has a plan and I have faith in Him.. but still I am feeling discouraged this morning. 

Then I spent some time reading my devotional and God is so good... it hit home perfectly.  I am still down.. but things are in better perspective now. I need to focus on the blessings that I do have.. and not what I don't. God has a plan. I am part of that plan. And where I am right now is part of that plan. He is making me ready. He is making the rest of the plan ready.  I am so loved!!! 

Thank you Lord, for the wake up calls. Please continue to show me the good when all I see is the negative.  I love you.

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama

Sunday, August 5, 2012


I want to say that this morning I woke up fully energized and ready to go to church.  But sadly only part of that statement is true. I was ready to go to church.. my heart was ready anyway.. but my body just didnt feel the same.  Listening to the rain gently tap against the window lulled me back to sleep... and I missed my normal church service time.. finally I got up and got some coffee and decided... today is just to beautiful... the smell of the rain was refreshing.. the cool breeze blowing in threw all of the open windows.. it all made my heart rejoice.  God created all of this. All of this beauty!!  So I have decided today, I am going to stay home... spend it in meditation and prayer with my Lord.. then spend the day cleaning and with my family.  God has blessed me so so so much. I am seriously  in awe of all the blessings He has given me...  a sinner. An unworthy sinner.. And yet... yet. He believes that I am worthy... He loves me anyway.   He loves me because I am a sinner.  He loves me because I am His daughter.  I am his creation.  Wow... seriously just thinking about that makes my heart sing!!!  I am HIS CREATION!!!  I am His!!!   
I never thought that I would ever feel like this... feel this much love... feel this much IN LOVE!!! 

Thank you Lord for all of your blessings.  I seriously don't know how I would be able to survive each day with out your love... your blessings... just knowing you are there  and that you love me.  Thank you!!!  

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!! 

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama