Friday, January 23, 2009

on Red again

Peyton was on red again yesterday in school... it just added to the already bummed out day that I was having... but I tried not to let him see it too too much. I am really starting to wonder if its the teacher... she's a sub. His reg. teacher went on maternity leave back in Oct. and it seems ever since then its been downhill. . I don't want to be one of those mothers who thinks that their child is perfect all the time... because I know my child! But I also don't want to side with the teacher all the time... My son needs to realize that I am here for him too... His reg. teacher comes back on the 2nd.. So I am hoping that things will get a little bit better! But praise God he was on green tuesday and wed. so hopefully today will be a green day again today!!
Sissy has been overly clingy to me today... I don't know what the deal is.. She doesn't want me to leave her anywhere... and when I do finally have to leave... she crys... Every night she ends up in my bed... and then wakes up 2 or 3 times after that... I don't know if she is having bad dreams or what and I feel bad but I need some sleep too!
I joined facebook. I am a die hard lover of myspace... my i joined facebook because two my great friends convinced me into... And now I do like it! It will be my new obsession besides this. and of course myspace! lol.
I talked to Brianna on Wed. It was her birthday. It was good to talk to her... Brianna is sissy's older sister... Sissy's siblings are like this: Aaliyah, Brianna, Arianna, Peyton, then her. All of her sisters and her have the same daddy and her and pey have me! :-) Brianna talked to her sister for the first time ever!! I am hoping to maybe get Bri for a week or a few days over the summer so that way she will at least get to know her sisters up here... People think I am crazy for that because she's my ex's daughter... but what they don't understand is that when I started dating T I accepted his kids (even tho they didn't live with us and I have only met Bri a handful of times and Aaliyah once) as if they were my own... and if I don't make sure that my daughter knows her family... then who will?? Definetely not her father! And plus I love that little girl like she is my own!
Peyton is going with his father this weekend. I am going to miss him but I have a purse party sat so its prob. good cuz otherwise I don't know who would be watching him. So its a girls weekend again! I will be glad when Pey is with me again for the weekend... maybe I'll take him to the rainforest or soemthing.. a movie.. just me and him. but I know he probably won't want to go to a movie or anywhere without sissy... He wants her everywhere that he is. He loves his sister.

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