Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Establish your relationship

A coworker and I were talking last night and she confessed to me that she had sex with a guy that she was interested in.
She has know this guy for a while now and has had sex with him before... years back... but they had hung out and one thing led to another and well they had sex... and it was increadible in every aspect of the word... and now she's got a crush on him...

and then comes the downfall of being a woman.

after sex... we starting thinking about the future... marriage... kids... etc...

and she's no exception... but she doesn't even know where they stand... they don't even have a relationship other than just a friendship that is just starting up... She is starting to really like him (sex kinda does that to a girl)... but she doesn't know where they stand... where things are going if anywhere. She wants to text him all the time because he is always on her minds, and she wants to share her daily thoughts and happenings with him... but she is scared to text him becuase she doesn't know if he has the same type of feeling for her or if he was just horny and she was there... She is falling for him... and gets crushed little by little because she doesn't know how he feels and she assumes the worst... (as most women do)

A relationship should be established or at least the lines defined before having sex with someone... so that way after sex everyone is on the same page... you know that its love, a one time thing, a fling, a bootycall, or a buddyf*ck... You know where you stand and what the future holds so you can protect yourself or open your self up for the future. .

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