Friday, January 2, 2009


P came home New Years Eve day... I was so happy to see him. I missed his so much. I know S missed him too but she feel asleep on the way to get him, so she missed that initial jump for joy excitement of seeing him. But I know she was happy. She loves him so much and I know he loves her too.
We went to dinner with my mom and stepdad and brother for New Years Eve. Then over to my friends JH's house. I was originally going to have a friend over but he ended up having to cancel. So we decided to go over to her house. She is my daughters sisters mom.. lol. figure that one out! lol. She's my ex's ex. but me and her have become good friends in the last few months. Me and the kids had a pretty good time I think. I at least know I did. Prob. the best one I have had in a long time. Afterward we came home and I put S to bed and then me and P went out and lit off some fireworks (at 130 in the morning!) I am sure our neighbors loved that! But we had a great time. Then we came in and had summer saugage and cheese and crackers..mmm.. and watched a movie... which P fell asleep thru.
That night... everyone ended up in my bed... 2 kids, 2 dogs and a cat! lol. I wouldnt have been that suprised if the frog woulda been in there too!! lol. We all ended up sleeping or at least staying in bed till probably about 130 or so! It was great!!!
Then I started with taking down all the Christmas decorations and the tree... ooohh boy was that fun! lol. We got a live tree this year thanks to my friend AB. Well I wasnt the most diligent at watering it... so needless to say... it was losing its needles... So there is lil ole me... 5'6" 115lbs... with this 6ft tree that is prob. 3-4x as around as I am... figting with trying to take this tree out of my family room... (knocking a few pictures over) thru my kitchen (yup everything came off the fridge) and out the back door... then carrying it to the road (that was the easy part). I came back in... and my floor was green from needles... you couldnt even hardly see floor. I think there was more needles on my floor than on my tree!! But the best part was... P was already sweeping it up! With out me asking!!! What a sweet heart!!!
We went to my moms for dinner last nite... and then back home...
I fought with S half the night to get her to go to sleep... in her own bed! But finally she did.
My friend JS came over and me him and P played some games together it was nice. P really looks up to him! Its sweet.
And now today... back to work...
P has a doc appt. sat. I hope it goes good... and I hope some issues are notices and worked thru.
God bless everyone... Happy 2009... May God put you where you need to be in 2009

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