Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The coffee!!!

Ok. this is more of one for me to complain in! lol.

I am at work... we have a "community" coffee pot/machine.

Why is it that when someone drinks the last little bit of coffee... they just leave it... leave the pot empty, leave it on... Is it really that hard to make more?? Seriously.

It frustrates me so bad that I make a pot of coffee, get a cup.. go work... then 15 minutes later I go to get a cup of coffee and the pot is empty...

Seriously is it that freakin hard to make a pot of coffee??!!??

That agrivates me!

Have just a little bit of common curtousey for your fellow coffee drinkers and make another pot. Or don't drink the coffee!!


  1. lol, i always hated that about working in an office!!!! lol people are just rude!!!


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