Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The number...

Does the number of sexual partners matter? Should it?

Does it matter if he/she has had more partners than you?

Many people think different things when it comes to numbers.. lol.

She's a slut becuase she has slept with x number of people.
He doesn't know how to do it right because he's only slept with x number of people.

I almost always ask a guy... just cause I am curious. I don't think bad on him if he's only been with 1 person or 50. honestly it doesn't really matter. I have been with a guy who was a virgin... and at the time, it was the best sex yet. We had chemisty and he was eager to learn and to please. I have been with a guy who's had sex with who knows how many people (I knew his rep. but he would never tell me the nubmer) and he was great too. And I have been with a guy who's been with 10 or so and he couldn't even figure out how to put it in. So really the number doesn't mean all that much. It comes down to what they are willing to do for you... if they are willing to learn and experiment with you, if they can listen to you and your body and see what works and what doesn't.

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