Monday, May 2, 2011

My crazy insane weekend!

My crazy insane weekend is over!!!  Saturday was the worst. Lol.

This is how my Saturday went…

945am wake up- shower- etc.
1130am lil man’s baseball practice-team 1@batting cages
100pm Lil Man’s baseball practice- team 1@the field
230pm Baby Girl bff birthday party
300pm Scentsy Party
500pm Lil Man’s baseball practice- team 2 @home field
515pm Pick up Baby Girl
730pm Drop Lil Man off with his Dad

After that I went home… did dishes, laundry, cleaned up the house some, cooked dinner for myself, my daughter and two bff’s…. watched a movie and colored my hair. 

Sunday wasn’t as crazy but still no time to really rest and relax. I went to church and then to my step-mom’s bday party. Church was great, tho I dunno if it was me or the whole thing.. but something just seemed off… L  The bday party was nice. I think my stepmom really enjoyed herself.  I stayed for a bout an hour and half or so… watched the Indian’s game with my dad… and took baby girl down to the water (she lives right on the lake) and got some cute pic of her.  

I could literally feel myself fighting off being depressed yesterday.. I kept thinking of negative things or things that just made me sad…  and every I felt myself thinking that way… I would push that thought out of my head… it was hard.. but I had the Lord fighting with me… so it all worked out !!! Praise God!!!

Last night I jogged almost 2 ½ miles!!! I couldn’t believe that I made it that far with out dying!! Lol.  I felt exhausted… but great… and even tho I ended up staying up late last night.. I am not as exhausted as I have been the past few weeks J
Baby Girl @ the Lake

me and baby girl... only pic I have where we both look 1/2 way decent! lol

This is where I want to get married!!! Beautiful! 

Hope ya’ll had a great weekend!

Blessings ~N~ Love
Overthinking Mama 

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  1. The week end is behind you and a new month is at the door. You have so much to be blessed for, starting with that beautiful little girl. God has a plan....God has a plan! Hang in there and start a new month with a new focused journey.


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