Monday, May 23, 2011

Dear Baby Girl 5/23/11

Dear Baby Girl.
You are growing up so fast!! It been forever since I’ve wrote anything to you…  You are a little princess… and a drama queen!! OMG!!

You tell everyone when you grow up you want to be a Mommy.  You want to have 3 kids… 2 girls and a boy… Kyanna, Susie, and Bryce.  Lol. I have no idea where you got any of those names from… I don’t know anyone with those names!!  You def. have your own personality and your own ideas on life.

You love your brother so much… and he loves you too. You want to be just like him in so many ways… and love wrestling with him on the floor… and its funny cuz you will pin him!!  

I feel so bad for you at times tho… when you tell me things like you miss your daddy or you tell someone that your daddy doesn’t want to see you..  I wish you didn’t feel that way… and I wish he came around more. I promise you sweetie… It has nothing to do with you… its just the way your daddy is.  And as much as I wish at times I had never met your father… I couldn’t be happier about it because I have you in my life.  You and your brother are my world!!  I couldn’t live my world with out either of you…  I am going to go to court and get your last name changed…  You don’t know  your last name… it doesn’t have any meaning to you. You don’t know that family.  You have only met you Grandmother and the family in North Carolina one time… and it was because I took you to go see them. If it wasn’t for me… you probably wouldn’t know them at all.  But other than that… you don’t know your family so why should you have a family name…that is meaningless to you?!  I want you to have my last name… You know me.. I am always there for you and I always will be.

You have such a great imagination and have such an artistic talent… its crazy!!  You love to draw and to sing… at any given time you are doing one or the other!  For your birthday you asked for a guitar from grammy- tho you didn’t get it until Christmas… but you love that guitar!!   
You have your own senxe of style too… and on non-school days, I let you pick out your own outfits… and its def. different…  dresses with skirts under neither… pink heart polka dotted pants with a brown star polka dotted skirt and a inside out green shirt and pink cowboy boots… you love your cowboy boots!! J

I love you so much baby girl… you and your brother complete my life.

God Bless You

Love- Mommy


  1. They grow up so very fast. I still see my grown daughters as my babies.

  2. that was probably one of the sweetest things ive read in a long time.


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