Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What day is it?

I know I have been slacking the last few days…
Monday we all played hookie.. I stayed home from work.. the kiddos stayed home from school and we just spent the day together. It was wonderful.  We all slept in till like 1030 and then I got up and made up breakfast. Chocolate Chip Waffles, chocolate sauce and bananas. Yum.  Well that’s what I ate anyway.. the kids weren’t as enthused about it as I thought they would be. J  Then we watched movies, played xbox, baked cookies. It was just a great day!

This whole past weekend was just wonderful . I spent some great time with my kids… I think they really liked it and I felt like we definitely got closer!  I can’t wait to have a weekend like that again.

Now my whole week feels messed up tho.. because of the extra day off… and then with all the rain.. my baseball schedule is off too. We were supposed to have Lil Man’s school baseball team game tonight at 515…that got cancelled because of the rain… Still dunno yet about Little League…  Tomorrow was supposed to be an off day… but now he’s got a school team practice… a game on Friday night and then Saturday was supposed to be a little league game at noon and now he’s also got a school team game at the same time!! Gggrrrr…  I feel all discombobulated. Lol. 

Baby girl’s daddy just text me and asked me if he could have her Saturday night and Sunday…. I am at complete loss of words…   but I also won’t hold my breath… L  I really want her to go… but I am also scared. Lol. She hasn’t been over there in over a year… let alone stayed the night over there in longer than that. I hope she will do ok. I haven’t had both of my kids gone with their fathers… at the same time…. I don’t think ever!!!  I don’t think I will know what to do with myself!! J  But again… I am not going to hold my breath.. lol.

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama 

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