Friday, May 6, 2011

first loss...

So Lil Man’s game last night didn’t turn out the greatest.. He didn’t pitch the best… but I just think it was a lot of pressure for him… and I fear he maybe like me… when I am under pressure or stress like that… I kinda just shut down… only function at ½ level. L  But I am going to work with him… I have a plan on his pitching!!!  And I hope it will work… By this time next month… He will be an all-star… Of course he already is in my eyes. J
After the game we came home and got all showered up J And had a movie night with just me and the kids! It was so nice.. We watched Unstoppable- Lil Man picked it out and omg!! It was a awesome frigging movie!! I can’t wait to watch it again!!!  

I talked with Lil Man’s dad last night and he kind brought me down a bit…  He’s having a birthday party for Lil Man… which I am thrilled about… but originally he said that I could come and that he’d have his wife get a hold of me and everything for the details… well I never heard from her… so I talked to him last night about it and he was like… uh.. well I really don’t have a problem with it… but I think it will be a little bit awckward… um… hello don’t you think A- you shoulda thot of that before you invited me… and B- I am him mom… we have been divorsed for 7yrs now and he’s remarried for like 4!!  Time to move on and get over the uncomfortable! Really!  Oh well.  We will celebrate on our own anyway. I am planning next weekend letting Lil Man have some friends stay the night and either take them to a baseball game or to bowling J He’s really really really looking forward to that!

One bad thing tho about watching a grown up movie (it is pg 13) was the language… I try my hardest not to swear in front of my kids or really at all… but there are def. certain words that I just don’t use ever or never around my kids… well one of them is pussy. And of course you know that it was said in the movie. Before bed my son asked me my fav part of the movie.. I said when the guys jumped off the train… and he was like yea and then the other guy said he was a pussy…  YEAH. So I nicely said that it was not a bad bad word.. but it wasn’t a good word and it isn’t something he should say. So he asked what it meant… And I am honest.  I told him it could me a few different things…  A cat. A woman’s vaginal area. And a chicken.  He was like a chicken??  And a cat?? I was like yea… like a scared person- chicken… He was like oh.. I thought you meant chicken chicken.. and me being my goofy self… I had to do a stupid bawk bawk bawk noise. Lol.  I love my Lil Man!!!

Here’s some pics of him from last night:

team warming up 

warming up 

playing 3rd base 

God's masterpiece 

Baby Girl running around 

Aunt Katie (she's gonna hate me if she sees this!! lol) 

Even tho they lost… His coach is awesome and gave them a great message last night. All those kids look up to him so much!!
Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama


  1. One thing to keep in mind about losing the game is what I have told my kids when they lose: losing is just as much an important part of the game as winning is. And both should be embraced.

  2. Its not about winning or is the time spent and the memory's that he will remember with his mom.


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