Thursday, May 5, 2011

and another one...

I want to blog… I want to say something… but in reality… I really don’t know what.. but I feel this urge to write something… so I guess this will just be a modpodge of different things… idk.  

I am having mixed feelings about getting my hair cut… I really really really am ready for something different… but I dunno if I am really ready to cut off all my hair… The way I am wanting it cut… would be like 2-3 inches shorter (maybe more) than it is now…  maybe a cute lil bob… or some kinda shaggy bob look…  Idk. I know its only hair and it will grown back.  So with just that thought I will probably go ahead and get it cut… just cuz I do want something different. And it will grow back. Ugh. Why does everything always have to be so difficult. Lol.

Lil man has a baseball game tonight… I am really looking forward to it… I am so nervous tho…. He’s the starting pitcher!!!  I am going to be on pins and needles for the first couple innings while he pitches!!!  Oooohhhh… lol.
I know he will do awesome tho!!!  He is awesome!!

I need to work on my clothes blog some more…  I have a blog site that I am setting up so that I can maybe sell some of my old clothes that I don’t wear anymore and eventually I would like/hope to open it up so other’s can post their clothes to sell also. J  I wanted to set this up mainly cuz I hate ebay… lol. like I love it but I hate it at the same time… L anywho..  its right now… there’s nothing there…lol. I’ll let ya know if I ever get anything put up there! Lol.  J

Well I guess that’s it for now.. lol.

Have a great day ya’ll and im sure ill be posting pics tomorrow from the game tonight!!!

Blessings n Love
Overthinking Mama 


  1. It's better to have too much to talk about than nothing at all. Be thankful you can at least say something. I know I've stared at my computer for hours without writing a word!

  2. Website sounds pretty cool! Just because you want something different does not mean you have to cut inches, maybe you can cut it differently. Just a thought :)

  3. I want a change in hair style but dont want to wait for it to grow back. Im really getting too old for long hair and I guess I want to hold on to that!
    I cant wait to see what you have to sell. You look like a tiny person and I wear a 3. I cleaned my closet out not long ago and packed away so many different sizes from 12 to 4. Maybe you could incorporate a swap into the sells line. I took a look at the site and it is really pretty designed already. Cant wait! Have a great weekend.


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