Friday, May 27, 2011

Realization Friday

And its Friday again!!!

Time for the realizations of the week!!!

I’ve come to realize:

~ That something you think is bad… could end up a good thing.

~ That God’s plan is always best.

~ That people and attitudes can change overnight…

~ That cancellations and change are inevitable.. esp. for me this past week it seems.

~ Some people are just idiots… and I really don’t know why I waste my time on them…

~ Some men just never will grow up and step up and be the father to the children they created…

~ I have a decent sense of style.. tho my style may differ from anyone and everyone else… I am me. and that’s all I can be.

~ That I hate having to ground my kids from things that I want them to do for fun… but I have to be the grown mature adult… and ground them if need be.

~ That I am craving veggies and fruits lately.

~ That my tastes for foods has changed so much in just the past 5 years!!! I love it!

~ That God is good.

Hope ya’ll have a wonderful LONG weekend!!!  I will try to post things over the weekend…. But no promises… but I do have a My MAMA Style post scheduled for Monday… so def. check it out J

Blessings N Hugs
Overthinking Mama


  1. A lot of people are just idiots. And good Friday post as usual.

  2. Great post! Know the feeling having to ground the glad I am past that with mine. God Bless!


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