Thursday, May 5, 2011

May Goals

I just made the mistake of looking at the weather forecast for the next 10 days for where I life…. Yea… RAIN. RAIN oh and more RAIN… for 10 frigging days straight!!!  I think I am going to lose my mind… I want to get my yard looking nice again… I need to mow my back yard… but can’t because it is a frigging swamp!!  I have junk/trash/debry all over my driveway/front of the house…  ugh.  And of course the nice days… I am at work or running around like a crazy mom trying to do 15millions different things!! L *sigh* oh well. It is was it is!
I have given myself some goals for the month of May. I hope I stick to them J
~ More pics of everyday life
~ Go thru my closet/dresser
          ~get rid or anything I haven’t worn in the past year.
~ Run at least once a week
~ Spend at least one night a week with just my kids- no friends/family. Just me and my kids- cuddling up on the couch watching a movie, playing a game, or reading a book. J
That’s it… simple right?!  I can do it!!!

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama


  1. I know what ya mean about the weather. We have had two beautiful days here in Minden, Louisiana and the forecast for the weekend is Rain! Ugg.
    You can send me all your hand me downs. Ive lost so much weight that I'm in a 3 now.
    I went and voted and will be sure to vote daily. Good luck! You deserve it!

  2. Great goals!! Sounds like fun! Well except the clearing of the closets!

  3. Those are some good goals.

    And it makes me laugh that everyone else has so much rain. And here in Texas I can't remember when the last time it rained.

  4. My vote is in! WOnderful goals especially the one with your kids. You are having the same problem as MyLove with his three acres of land. Between his work and me being sick we haven't gotten to it in about a month. I always tell him, it'll always be there, just very very long :)


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