Thursday, May 26, 2011

come on 5pm friday...

So… L My camera on my phone broke… it sucks… I loved that thing… I have insurance but I really don’t have an extra $100 for the deductable.. so I dunno what to do… guess Ill just have to old school it and start using my camera for everything! Lol.

I have a busy busy busy weekend planned this weekend and I totally can’t wait!!

Friday thinking about going out karaokeing… but then who knows… lol.

Saturday- farm market for some yummy fruits and veggies… then home to clean my yard/mulch/mow… and at some time throw in a baseball game… not really sure when that will happen since the time is apparently up in the air till I dunno when… so as far as I know that whole day could be thrown out the window. L

Sunday- Planning a lil cook out.  Dunno who’s coming… but ill be there with my hotdogs and buns! Lol.

Monday-  A whole lotta nottin.

Went to Salvation Army thrift store on my lunch…  got some cute dress pants… a men’s dress shirt that I plan on either wearing as a dress… or possibly a halter top of some sorts. I got a couple clutch purses and a cute little belt because I really don’t have any belts. And I only spent $12.50. 

OH.. and at some point this weekend, I am planning on redoing my kitchen table!! Yaya! I can’t wait to do that!! J

Now if 5pm on Friday will just hurry up and be here… I will be all happy!! J

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama 

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