Monday, May 23, 2011

weekend full of cancellations...

This past weekend has been full of cancellations... starting Friday all the way till just 5 minutes ago… who knew I would ever have to deal with so many people canceling on me and/or my family.   Oh well… makes us better people right??!!

The biggest let down was my daughters father… he was supposed to get her over night Saturday…  I let him know she really didn’t want to but I was going to have her go anyway because she needs to spend time with her daddy… and I force my son to go to his dad’s even when he doesn’t want to.  I got a text after he got off work that their plans had changed and wasn’t going to a kids bday party after all and would get her Sunday… never heard from him till Sunday at 330… and that’s after I text him Saturday night to find out details about Sunday… and called him 2x Sunday before and after church to find out more of what was going on… and guess what… he didn’t get her Sunday either.. said he would get her on Tuesday… well I just got a text from him saying.. sorry. Gotta work. REALLY?? What a shocker there.. I so wish I wouldn’t bet someone a million dollars that he wouldn’t get her.. cuz I so woulda won that bet!  Oh well… live and learn and move on… The sad thing is… when I told baby girl that she wasn’t going to her dads this weekend…. She said to me “oh thank you mommy… I didn’t want to go.”  Sad. L

Over all tho… the weekend wasn’t that bad..  Lil Man had baseball ALL day Saturday. He pitched two innings and I prayed for him the whole time… and God heard and answered my prayers… Lil Man did awesome pitching!!!  He struck two guys out and caught a grounder and got the guy out at first!!   He threw strikes and awesome pitches…  and I think he may have only walked a couple guys!!! (compaired to the home opener he started and walked like 15.)

That morning before all the baseball ... i took the kids thru MCD's for some breakfast... and had this urge to pay for the person's order behind me... so i did... I dunno what happened after that.. cuz I got my food and left... I hope that they passed the niceness along and got the next person's food... but who knows...  tho i hade a sinking feeling about it... :-(  
At lil man's first baseball game...  I had a lady come up and talk to me about Scentsy...and placed an order!! Then a couple other girls heard me talking about it and asked me... and they are going to do a party!! Yay!!!  

I am going to start a new (probably) weekly mama style post. I have seen a bunch of stay at home mom style posts and non mom style posts lately.. that I thought I would throw my card in that hat and do a MY- MAMA STYLE post as a  working full time and part time and school part time... single mom of two kids... and still have my own- hip in my mind- style post. :-) So keep a look out for that this week- probably tomorrow.   

Edward's always got to be up there with them!! 

Baby girl picked me a flower 

sis at the game

me and baby girl at the game

friday night fire with the kids n my friends

roasting marshmellows


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