Tuesday, May 24, 2011

1/2 day Tuesday...

I get to leave work at noon today…  I had mixed feelings about and honestly was slightly irritated with the whole situation… but it is what it is… and its all good now… 

My plans for today??!! Clean!! Lol.  I am going to do a major clean of my kids bedrooms… as in closets, drawers, under the beds… etc…   and that also means since I am the one cleaning out the rooms… things get thrown out or put into the garage sale pile in the garage.  The kids hate this because their stuff get throw out… but I only do this once or twice a year… and only after I have told them repeatedly to clean and organize their rooms themselves.  

So why am I leaving early??  I don’t have a sitter… I had two lined up… because I knew one would bale on me… and I was right… He did… lol.   but sadly so did my second one… so now… I have to take a half vacay day. My baby girl is with her grampy this morning.. but he can only watch her till noon… so I am off then and get to spend the rest of the afternoon cleaning with her… fun fun fun.  I think  I might also take the rugs out side to be cleaned too… possibly…  right now I wish I had a clothes line outside so I could wash the sheets and then hang them outside… I guess I will add that to my list of things I want this summer… J

This evening baby girl has a ice cream social for her preschool and then lil man had a music performance at school… It should all be fun!! J 

Ton’s of pictures to come I am sure. J

Happy Tuesday Ya’ll

Blessings N Hugs
Overthinking Mama

Ps. Thank you everyone who voted for me on Circle of Moms… tho I did not make it into the top 25… I still do appreciate everyone who took a moment and voted for me!!!  I was very close and that means a lot that you cared enough and like me that much J

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