Friday, May 20, 2011

Realization Friday

It’s Friday… and even tho I am really not in the bestest moods… I wanted to do my favorite post of the week!!! Yay!!!

I am also considering doing a weekly/bi-weekly style post.. I have seen so many different blogs I follow do style post for things they wear… so many I will do the same… not that I really have a cute style or anything… but maybe this will inspire me to find my style… which right not and don’t get me wrong I love it… is more of a mod-podge of styles… not just one type of style fits me… I am a mutt of style… and I love it.

This week… I have come to realize:

~ that my friends are crazy…

~ that I am the “standby/rebound” chic for a lot of my guy friends… when they are single and have no girl interest in their life… they are all about being friends with me… but once they get a girl interst… they kinda seem to forget me…

~ I think I might really need to go see a doc and get on some medicine for this depression… L

~ I keep praying that I will feel better… and I know God is here with me helping me thru it all.. but maybe I really do need meds?!

~  I want to run away somewhere… I don’t care where… I just want to be away from here.

~ I am trying to think positive… be happy… but somedays… like today… Its just so hard.

~ I don’t think I have ever really felt like I was fighting for my sanity or my happiness like I am now… depression stinks.

~ I just want to be held…

~ today will be a good day… this weekend will be great..

Blessings and Hugs!!
Overthinking Mama 


  1. I know how you are feeling about being the rebound person as I always seem to be the rebound guy. And it pisses me off.

    And great Friday post as always.

  2. Hey hon! I know I've been absent for quite some time - sorry!!
    I, too, lean on God during troubled times but I have found that on occasion, I need some medication to get me back to level. I don't seem to need them for very long because my body rebounds quickly and starts producing the right about of goodies... but I don't think there is anything BAD about using medication. Sometimes there truly is a chemical imbalance!

    I will internet hold you, if that's ok.

    You woke up again, so that makes today a good day :)

  3. Hope your day is better today. Tried commenting yesterday but Google wasn't cooperating :(..



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