Thursday, May 12, 2011

Our Local Walmart...

Email from a friend: 

So I go into Walmart at lunch to buy some items that I was going to get last week, but I figured I would wait because they didn't have everything in stock so I figured give it a few days and go back.
I went back today and they're in , but 4 of the 5 items didn't have the shelf price tag out. So I ran them through the scanner and they are now $1.50 - $3.25 more -about a 10% increase. WTF!!!   What happened to Rollbacks????   So I'll show them I won't buy anything and then they'll go out of business.

So as I'm on my way out ready to strangle the greeter I am walking through the parking lot and I notice this little tiny Chevy Aveo in front of my car ,but diagonal to mine.  In the front seat is this young girl in her 20's and in the passenger seat is an old guy (probably 38ish) when I notice her climb over the console and all I see is two bright white cheeks and nothing else from the waist down. She proceeds onto the old fart and like the horsey rides they used to have in front of K-Mart years ago, drops her quarter and goes for the 3 minute pony ride.

Now she doesn't know that I can see her but she can't see me and the gentleman thing for me to do is get in my car, make sure my windshield is clean and just sit there in case she needs more quarters. Actually she had her shirt on so you really could see anymore. What she doesn't know is there are cameras on every third pole in that lot and the security guard has probably paged 6 times for another case of Kleenex to the security booth for the pole in there.

Then just as I was feeling guilty and started to slowly get in my car, a pickup truck with three guys pulls in right -and I mean right next to them. Suddenly those white cheeks catapult back to the driver's seat and that little P.O.S car flies out of that lot faster than a bottle-rocket (hope she finds her shorts before she hits something and hope they're not cloth seats),... although there is a car wash at the end. I'm guessing she pay the $12 for the deluxe clean & mirror air freshener.

I don't think she got her quarter's worth, but I'm not as angry now over the price increases. They have to pay for the entertainment somehow. 
I think I'm going back tomorrow to see if  Walmart's-Got-Talent is holding more auditions. I like being the judge.

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  1. You have to be kidding...What idoit would lower herself to do that in broad daylight in a parking lot where there are a lot of people? I hope she got caught on those tapes. I would have got out, snapped a pic with my phone and licence plate while her pants were down and he was busy, then turned them in. I guess the NANA would have taken over because what if you had your children with you? Oh my, I feel the hair rising on my neck. He got his price roll back!


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