Monday, January 31, 2011

Project 31- Day 3

Day 3.  Who is someone you know who inspires beauty?

The first people that come to mind with this question is my kids.  They inspire me to be beautiful. Not just physically but spiritually.  They are the reason I can go on each and every day.  They help me to see the beauty in life and especially in love.

Someone that inspires me also, though I have never met is Sonya. Some how we have became friends on facebook but still for the life of me, I have no idea how.  I follow her blog.  Everyday she has something wonderful posted on her facebook status. I hope that oneday I can be that optimistic and that spiritual J

Another set of people is my family- my parents and especially my brother.  My brother is mentally handicapped.  He is 17 years older than me but has the mindset of between a 3-7yr old and the body of 45yr old. I love him dearly.
my 18th bday with my brother

I think the biggest inspiration I have though is my love for Christ. Because of this love and the knowledge of His love for me, I am able to see the beauty in everything.  From the snow falling, to the ants crawling across my kitchen floor, to the gentle breeze… Its all beautiful.  J

God Bless
Overthinking Mama


  1. Thank you for sharing such beautiful thoughts!

  2. awesome... the headline took me back to a young girl sitting at a piano with my elegant Great Grandmother with her long beautiful fingers showing me the keys. "She walks in Beauty"


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