Tuesday, February 1, 2011

change is in the... hair...

Well today all my thoughts have been on cutting my hair. I dunno if it’s just the time of the month and I am getting cabin fever with all this frigging snow we have been getting or what the deal is. But I am so ready for a change in my look. Something drasticly different… yet I am scared to cut my hair too short.. I like being able to throw my hair up into a pony tale on the days I am lazy and don’t feel like washing or styling. J

So these are the do’s I have chosen so far… as for color.. well that is yet to be determined. I have black color at home… so I am 99% sure it will be black by the weekend either way… but not sure if I’ll do any  blond in there too… I guess we shall see.. but I do need to get that part figured out before I do the black.. otherwise I’ll have to wait another couple months before I can go blonde so I don’t completely ruin my hair!

Anywho- I will post pics of my finished product! J

We are supposed to be getting phase two of this wonderful winter storm.  Schools were closed today though I am not really sure why as the streets were fine.. but oh well.. Tonight we are supposed to get like an inch of ice.. so that should be fun… Probably another snowday tomorrow… and the kiddos will probably be going to work with me! yay! (NOT) 
And tomorrow, I am supposed to be taking Edward to the vet… His tail is still bleeding off and on… We’ve bandaged it up… and when it finally comes off its fine for a day or two… and then boom.. there’s blood splattered everywhere!! I’ve even tried that New Skin liquid bandage stuff… and it works, but again only for so long… So hopefully the vet will have some better solutions for him! I feel bad.. and I know it hurts him too. He yelps every time he knocks it up against something… maybe I just need to get it docked. L

Enjoy this winter weather ya’ll!!

God Bless
Overthinking Mama 


  1. Your hair is cute now! I wish I was brave to cut mine, but as you can read in my cancer journal, the bird bath on top of my head keeps me afraid to cute it. Anyway, Yours is really pretty now, dont let the winter wows make you regret it.

  2. OM, I would vote for the second one or the last one. And, if I may just say, you are a strikingly beautiful woman.


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