Monday, January 10, 2011

its a monday... wahoo.

I want this to be a positive post…even though I am not in the most positive mood. J

I start back to school tomorrow… I am nervous, anxious, and a little excited. I love being busy and having something to do besides go to work and come home. It is also nice to have a schedule.  I went online today to find out about what books are needed and I am completely confused. The syllabus says I need an Algebra book. The college book store says I need a disc. GGRR… I have purchased the book thru Amazon, thou it will not be here until next week (fingers crossed for sooner). I should have been able to use my financial aid to purchase the book thru the college book store, but there was an issue regarding that, so I just went ahead and paid for it L  Oh well… I can sell it in the end.. which I really should go and do with my English books especially since they are just like new J 

I am planning on going grocery shopping tonight after work and dinner. I have my mom to watch the kids because I really don’t like taking them with me and I know they really do not enjoy it either.  I am mainly getting veggies and healthy lunch options for me. I have noticed after Christmas my stomach is getting a little pudgy. I know I am not fat nor that I really need to lose weight. I just want to get toned up and actually get into shape. I haven’t ever worked out for more than a week at a time… I just never had the drive or motivation to do it… I need to though. I am getting older and I don’t want to end up having a mom butt, a baby belly, or love handles. I want to be the “hot” mom!  Plus I would like to have at least one more child after I am married, which who knows when that will be. So I would like my body to be in shape so that I can bounce back from the baby body like I have with the other two pregnancies.

I am also trying to figure out a new approach to my parenting style, because what I am doing right now isn’t working. My oldest (lil man) who is 8 loves to argue and will argue about anything and everything.  I love that he has a voice and an opinion. But when I tell him to do something and he says no because of this and that… or when I tell him he is in trouble for something and he tells me NO he didn’t do it or whatnot. It gets old quick.  I have tried spanking, sending to his room, writing sentences, taking toys away, time out, talking, yelling etc… and nothing seems to get through to him. If you have any suggestions, I am open to them. One thing I have learned that works for the most part, is sometimes Lil Man gets extremely hyper, to the point where its disruptive, rude, obnoxious and at time just plain ole crazy and could end up dangerous. It’s during these times that absolutely nothing works… talking, time outs, redirect… but I have found that the redirect that I can do and works is jumping jacks. 100 to start and it goes up from there depending on the intensity of the hyperness. Normally he calms down a bit… not always completely but normally at least some. And I will repeat as necessary.
I am having issues with my daughter eating. She has become a very picky eater. One day she loves something. The next she hates it.  And meal time has become challenging. So I have started making what I want to make and if she eats, she eats. If not, than she won’t get a treat that night.  This still doesn’t work.  I really am not sure of how to correct this. How do I get a 4yrold to eat at least the majority of her meal… for most meals?? I know she won’t like everything and I don’t expect her to. But how do I keep her from starving herself and eating what I cook??
Thanks for all of your help!!!

God Bless
Overthinking Mama


  1. I had a similar problem with my son when he was young. He refused to eat anything but hotdogs, even then he would only take a few bites. After taking him to the dr to make sure he was okay health wise I was still worried. The dr assured me that children survive on what they like and as long as they arent becoming unhealthy or overly obsessed with weight they would be okay. We monitored it for awhile and he was okay. The one thing I did find that he liked was milkshakes. I would make them with Pediasure and milk in the blender with ice. He didnt know they were healthy for him! Might try that or a trip to her Dr to make sure medically there isnt anything going on.
    PS - Good Luck in school

  2. My sister & her fiance had a similar problem with his youngest son. He wasn't a bad kid (between you & me, he's actually my favorite), super smart, too, but just had so much energy sometimes that it would get him into trouble. Tony doesn't really believe in medicating a kid for being a kid, he just wanted to find an outlet for the energy. So he turned to sit ups. Whenever K started to spiral out of control, he had to do sit ups. My 10 yr old nephew had a 6 pack! lol. But it worked. Now that he's a little older, he knows how to control his energy levels himself. You could actually work this into your own wokrout regime since you want to get into better shape. I don't think it's ever too early to teach kids healthy habits. Inluding exercise. Get your daughter in on it too (might also help with her appetite). I'm sure you can find kid friendly exercise DVDs or even classes at the Y or through parks & rec.

    As for your daughter's eating habits, all I can say is that I was a horribly picky eater. My mom would make something for dinner and if I didn't want it, I didn't eat that night. And I turned out just fine.


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