Friday, January 14, 2011

Realization Friday

Some are mine and some are not… enjoy J

I”ve come to realize:

~ Life really sucks at times… but behind all that suckiness is always something good, you just have to take the focus of the sucky to see it J

~ Working out after NEVER working out for 28yr can seriously kick your butt.

          ~ and even thought the work out was only 10minutes long, your entire body can and will be sore

~ Trying to eat healthy only makes you more hungry

~ I haven’t been completely full all week long

~ Men suck

If you want to send me your realizations, please do, and I will post next Friday J

God Bless
Overthinking Mama 


  1. That is so true about something good behind the suckiness.

  2. Hi Mama!

    I must correct you!
    "Working out after NEVER working out for 28yr can seriously kick your butt."

    but you should also know that working out after NEVER working out for 1 yr can seriously kick your butt. And you'll be sore, too.

    It doesn't take long to lose it, boooooo!

  3. OT- :-)
    StephanieC- so in other words... once you start.. you should NEVER stop!!

  4. Mama, there is some pimping over at habitual hobbit. Come over and see.

    PS. I hope you don't think that I suck.

  5. found you thru ib @ the habitual hobbit.

    there is always a silver is about attitude...and knowing when you can get away with cussing...

    i would think i knew more for being so old...

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    Bruce’s guy book
    the guy book
    Dreamodel Guy

  6. ib- thanks for the pimping... i dont think you suck at all!! :-)
    bruce- thanks for stopping by... great realizations!!


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