Tuesday, January 4, 2011

this first monday sucked

The first Monday of the New Year… kicked my butt!! Lol.   I just hope this ain't a prelude to what the future holds for this year.. J or maybe I am just getting all the crappy stuff out of the way??!!! Yea. That’s how I am going to look at it!

My day started out icky at 130 in the morning… when my big dog Edward wouldn’t go to sleep. He kept ringing the bell to be let outside. So I would get up and let him out… 5 min later he was ready to come in… he finally came to bed with me and then I heard it… the preparation throat noises that dogs make right before they throw up. I shoved him off the bed. Just in time!  He threw up all over the flow… 2 huge piles…   I let me back outside… cleaned up the mess.. brought him in.. and put him in the cage.  I didn’t wanna deal with that anymore that night. He threw up once more in the cage. Luckily it was on a blanket so I could just wash that.
When I got up for good (I was up and down all night long) I emailed my work to let them know that I wasn’t going to be in. My friend’s father died and Monday was the funeral. I was going to go. I’ve known her and the family for 16yrs now. They are my family.
Got everyone up and ready and as we were going out the door, baby girl threw up. So there went the funeral.  Got everyone in the car and down to the bus stop. Where we waited. And waited. And waited. The bus didn’t show.  So I drove them to school.  I had to drop my car off to get a remote starter put in, baby girl threw up in the parking lot.  My friend came and picked us up and took us home.  We both lay down and slept. 
I finally got up and started cleaning. I threw my brand new down comforter in the washer… and of course it ripped a huge hole in it. ugh. Feathers everywhere- then I read the tag Dry Clean Only. Wth. King size down comforter that I can’t wash.
Baby girl then threw up on my couch… so had to clean that…  Made her go and lay down instead of following me all over the house. Other than the throwing up- she seemed absolutely fine J
Then after I picked up my car/ got my kids I went and got gas and decided to wash my car because it hadn’t been washed in forever!  So while at the car wash, I decided to get out of my car since I was waiting my turn for the automatic car wash and purchase a wipe to clean the inside of my, from the vending machine on the building. Well as I made my way over there, I slipped on the ice that looked like just wet cement.  Ended up taking my self to the ER because I was in pain. Everything turned out ok… tho I am still in pain and have a headache… oh and there is no contact info on the building nor in the phone book/ Google or 411 nothing…
When I got home from the hospital.. I got to fight with my kids about going home and going to bed…
Fun times Fun times.

God Bless
Overthinking Mama 

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