Monday, January 24, 2011

Project 31- Day 1

She Breathes Deeply

Day 1.  What does beauty mean to you?

HHHmmmm… what does beauty mean to me?!
Beauty is a sunset or a sunrise.
Beauty is a flower swaying in the breeze.
Beauty is a child running up just to say “I love you mommy”
Beauty is a friend always being there just when you need them to be.
Beauty is a truth and honesty.
Beauty is a warm bubble bath, a good book, and a glass of wine.
Beauty is a kind, loving personality.
Beauty is being faithful, whole heart and soul.
Beauty is praying.
Beauty is storm clouds rolling in.
Beauty is a dog licking your cheek.
Beauty is a skinned knee and being there to kiss it and make it all better.
Beauty is snuggling up with my kiddos and watching a great movie
Beauty is sitting on the couch with my kiddos reading the bible.
Beauty is the first kiss.
Beauty is the last kiss.
Beauty is realizing that God made everything beautiful.
Beauty is seeing that beauty in everything.
Beauty is being hurt and lonely.
Beauty is knowing that God is always with you, even when you are hurt and lonely.
Beauty is knowing that God knew us before we were even conceived.
Beauty is love.
Beauty is life.
Beauty is more than what we see but what we feel and who we are.
Beauty is loving the Lord.
Beauty is friendship.
Beauty is a letter in your mailbox/inbox.
Beauty is YOU.
Beauty is ME.

God Bless
Overthinking Mama 


  1. This was a beautiful list! There are so many things a person could add, but you listed a lot of wonderful ones!!


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