Monday, December 22, 2008

the dating "game"

Why does dating have to be such a game???

You have a great night with a guy/girl... then the next day you want to call them but don't want to make the first move or you don't want to seem needy or anything. So you don't call. And the other person is thinking the same thing. So neither calls. And you sit there and wonder.. hhmm.. did they not have a good time with me? maybe they don't like me? maybe I did something wrong? Did I say something wrong? Maybe I shouldnt have kissed them, maybe I shouldnt have hugged them, maybe I shouldnt have done this or that? Maybe they were just using me for a free meal, for something to do, etc?

Why does it have to be so confusing.

Why can't we just be open and honest. Just straight out say- i like you. I would like to get to know you more. Why are we so afraid of making the first move? Why are we so afrain of rejection? Wouldnt it be better to know after the first date, kiss, whatever, that you are not on the same level as the other person. Why string it along?!

What about after the first time you have sex with the person? Thats a whole other worry. Then you start to have even more feelings... and wonder if they do to. But you dont want to say anything cuz you dont know if they feel the same. And you sit there and wonder... was it good for them? Maybe I didn't do this right or that. Maybe I wasn't as good as they hoped.

Just be honest and open with each other. Don't smother them, but tell them how you feel. Better to have it out their and known where you stand then having to guess the whole time.

just be honest. (i am starting to see a theme with my blogs!)

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