Monday, December 15, 2008


It was a pretty good weekend.
S and I were lazy part of Saturday. Then she went to Nani and Papi's for awhile so I could do my Christmas shopping, which I pretty much finished up. We ate dinner with Nani and Papi and then went home and she got ready for bed.
Sunday S's dad came over for the morning and hung out with us. Then P's dad dropped him off and we went to his cubscout Christmas party. We then went to the mall to see Santa and get our picture take, but Santa was on his way to lunch so we went home. S went and took a nap and P and I layed on the couch and I tried to sleep, but S kept coming out of her room and woke me up...
In the evening we went over to Grammy and Grampys. The kids stayed for dinner and I had to go to a work Christmas party. That was a lot of fun.
After the party I went and picked up P and he was so nice and co-operative. Went to bed good for me. My mom dropped S off on her way home. And she went to bed good too.

it was a good weekend.

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