Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Now you have to remember that this blog is written from a woman's point of view...

I was talking with my friend over the weekend. And she has been talking to this guy for a few weeks now, and really likes him. She's not sure how he feels. He's a manly man, and doesn't really talk about his feelings that much. She knows he doesn't want to rush into anything and really she doesn't either but also wants to know he feels... They have hung out a couple of time... and the last time that they hung out they ended up having sex. She felt really good about everything, even tho it had happened earlier than she thought it would or should. But it felt right.
Then the next few days that followed... He seemed more distant. And maybe it was just that he was busy or something... but he didn't call as much, he didn't text as much. And when he did, it was distant. So now she's worrying that maybe that was all he really wanted to get laid and be done... That he doesn't feel the same way she does. But then maybe she is putting the horse before the carriage and just thinking way to much for everything.

But sex is kinda a big thing... unless maybe it put out there in the first place where both parties stand... like if its just a friendship thing and that's all it will ever be. But when one party is thinking that maybe there is more than there is one person is going to get hurt.
So I am sitting here thinking/wondering... do guys feel like this? Do guys feel the emotional connection from sex that women do? Do they get caught up in the moments and feel more than they let on?

Why can't guys after they have had sex with a girl... try and do a lil bit more than he has to show her that it wasn't just a great lay... and now he's done. That there is more in his heart than what is in his pants. I know girls are complicated... and maybe we should band together and make a instruction manual up for men so they know how to treat a woman!
Be sweet, compliment, show interest, text randomly thru out the day, leave sweet messages- on phone, email,facebook, myspace, wherever, flowers, candy, balloons... anything that will make the girl know that she was more than just sex. You see more to her than just what she's got going on under all her clothes.

Whats your opinion?

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