Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I think it is hilarious... how we ask someone a question... but we really know we wont get a truthful answer.. why do we even bother asking...

Like for example:
you ask you man - are you cheating on me?
Seriously! Do you think he is going to tell you the truth? How many people out there when asked that question would admit to it?
or you ask- do you love me?
do you find me attractive?
do i look fat?
do you think she's prettier than me?

Most people are not going to answer these questions honestly. Because if they did... it would a- hurt the person askings feelings and b- would start an argument or some kind.

Yet, we still ask them... even knowing that we are being lied to, for some sort of reasurrance.
and we ask again and again and again...
because we need the reasurrance- even if it is fake.

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