Monday, December 8, 2008


The weekend was pretty good.
P went with his father for the weekend, from Friday till Sunday. I missed him a lot.
S went to dinner with Grammy and Grampy Friday night, I went out with a friend to a comedy show. It was a lot of fun.
Sat morning we both were up bright and early, I had a breakfast meeting that I had to attend. S did really good there. We went home and tried to nap. Unfortunately, S's idea of a nap was finding a black crayon and coloring all over her closet door. :-( She then went over to Nani and Papi's for a bit while I went on an appointment for Primerica. I went and picked her up and me and her went to Mc'ds for dinner. It was nice. I then took her back to Nani and Papi's and she stayed the night there.
Sunday S's father came over to spend the day with her. I think she enjoyed it... (I was irritated most of the day! but hey... I guess that comes with that!) It was nice to spend the day with S. We went shopping and then put up Christmas decorations. She kept looking and going oooohhh...
P's father dropped him off Sunday evening. When we went home, he wanted to watch a movie with me because he missed me all weekend. So I said ok, so after I got S into bed, we watched part of the movie. I ended up falling a sleep and of course that wasn't aloud so P woke me up and said Mommy you fell asleep you said you would watch this with me. I told him I was sorry, I was just really tired. He got a lil mad and said you lied just like Daddy did. He fell alseep during a movie too! lol.

I decided it was time for bed then.
We went to bed. and P got to sleep in bed with me.
about 330 S decided she wanted in bed too... So she came in... that lasted bout 2hrs, with her laughing and talking and wanting to play. So I got frustrated and put her back in her bed...
Didn't get much sleep last nite.

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