Friday, December 5, 2008


Yesterday was another good day.

P was on green at school. On the way home we went and got some crickets for our frog Bubba.

He was happy to have food.. and it was so interesting to feed him! lol.

P went to my moms afterschool. When I got off work and went over there for supper, she had said that he was great. Very loving, listened really good, didn't argue, just wonderful! But of course that all changed when I got home. It makes me feel so worthless that he can act so good with her, then as soon as I show up- he's wild and crazy.

S was more happy to see her brother than she was to see me! lol! She was hungry and scarfed down her meal... P coulda cared less, and as usual made more problems for himself. Food was too hot, didnt want this.. etc.

After dinner we went home and I cleaned up a lil bit. S played and P did his homework. Afterward S went to bed (which of course she got up 3 or 4x). P and me watched a movie together and snuggled about a hour and a half in, P looks at me and says, mommy I am tired. I want to go to bed. I told him alright. So we turned the movie off and went and tucked him in and said his prayer.

It was a good night. Started out a lil bit rocky but it ended good.

I was proud of the fact that he knew he was tired, and had to get up early in the morning for school, so he should go to bed.

He goes to his dad's this weekend. I will miss him.

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